Updated November 2021 If you’re already in a leadership position perhaps you feel you’ve “arrived”; you’re set, and you’ve achieved your goal. However, if you are a quality leader you realize you will never “arrive” as there is always room for more growth, more learning, and more improvement. Good leaders know they can always get better and will not allow themselves to become complacent. So, since you’re like most good leaders and you recognize the need for continuing improvement, the next question is, how do you improve your leadership skills?

Give These Tips a Try

There are countless ways to enhance your performance as a leader. Here are five things you should do that will help you grow and improve your leadership skills.

Be Yourself – a truly great leader understands the importance of being authentic. In some cases, someone may find themselves in a leadership position and yet aren’t sure how to lead. This can cause them to look at others for their leadership queues, but that’s not always the best way to develop excellent skills.  While adopting the skills of others can be helpful, the best leaders are also true to themselves. Good leaders look at themselves and recognize their own qualities and the areas in which they need to improve rather than simply being a conglomeration of examples they have seen.

Flexibility – good leaders are very flexible and adaptable. In fact, adaptability is one of the key skills leaders need to learn. The workplace is constantly shuffling, which means leaders need to be able to adjust, often on the fly. Being able to look at things differently and try new methods and ideas is vital to success.  A good leader should have the ability to see outside their own vision and trust others to help.

Building Culture – one essential way to improve leadership skills is to work on improving your culture. The right culture makes a huge difference, and you know when people enjoy coming to work, you’ve created a successful culture. In fact, if you can’t build a positive culture, it doesn’t matter how much success you have, your company still won’t be successful. How to do it? Here are just a handful of ideas cited by Diana Rodriguez-Zaba in her Forbes article” How to Build a Strong Team Culture in Seven Steps”. June 20, 2019

1- Encourage off-site lunches for launching new projects.

2-Offering one-on-one mentoring to address in- house problems

3-Suggesting group involvement in local charity events.

4-Hosting employee family activities on the weekends.

Trust – in order to be a successful leader and enhance your skills you must have trust. You must trust your team and communicate that trust with both your actions and your words. That means you give them the necessary trust to either succeed or fail. You need to trust them enough to do the job you’ve hired them to do. You don’t want to micro-manage your team as that will lead to a negative workplace culture.

Shared Accountability – a good leader must learn to accept accountability. Some bosses tend to blame others when things go wrong. But, in order to improve your leadership skills, you must be able to admit your mistakes and take responsibility when things don’t go right. At the same time, you need to give credit where credit is due.

When your team is successful, they need to receive the proper recognition for their successes. In other words, you may be the leader, but you are also part of a team, and mutual accountability is important.

Implementing and re-focusing on these 5 tips will help you improve your leadership skills and become an even better leader, regardless of your current skill-set.

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