For each of us the list of things we are most thankful for will be different, but with plenty of overlapping themes, such as family, health, friends, etc.  But as a pick-me-up exercise, one can always peek into the psyche of others to leverage what they are grateful for into recognizing what we have to be grateful for.  One can simply Google “Things to be thankful for” to get a substantial list.  But in case you don’t have the time, below are 15 search results.  No two are exactly alike, but at least one should resemble your own personal list.  But if not, from Parents.com to Huffpost.com, there are plenty more choices where these came from.

Perusing the list, I find the random numbers especially interesting; why 104, and not 100, did they forget 4 family members and quickly add them?  Why 89, and not 90, or an even 100?  Surely, after compiling a list of 89 separate things they could have simply added; “#90, I’m grateful this list is done!” and nobody would have blamed them.  When feeling down, there may be other ways one can help themselves feel better; I’ve heard singing an uplifting song is a great way to feel good.  Unfortunately, in my case, it would have the opposite effect on anyone close enough to hear me. If one can truly afford it, perhaps buying something is the magic ticket?  But the only sure way I know to feel better or more thankful, is to help someone.  It is difficult to feel down when one is helping someone else, particularly when the recipient is thankful.

As we approach the time of year when we tend to feel more aware of things to be thankful for, I offer the above suggestion and the list below in hopes that the next few months are good to you and to those with whom you might share a kind word or service.

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