Qualities of Effective Team Leaders

What does it take to develop effective team leadership skills? It can be a difficult task to accomplish, but as you strive to take the following steps, you can be a more effective team leader.

Your Perception

Empowering others begins with the way you see them. You can either assume that everyone around you is smart and capable of figuring things out for themselves, or conclude that they can’t get things done without you. What would the leader do?

Give Ownership

Giving ownership of a project to someone else will bring out the best results. They will feel your trust and have the desire to live up to it. Micromanaging the project so that you can do things your way will bring out feelings of frustration and lack of importance in the individual and will often lead to less than satisfactory results.

Debate as a Team

Debate your decisions as a team. Team leaders find solid decisions by being open to all the options that are presented to them. Avoid confusing the team by making quick decisions yourself. As you make your team feel like their efforts matter, they’ll be more willing to participate.

Develop Others

The last area to look at in becoming an effective team leader is to develop your team members. Look for and identify opportunities that will allow the team members to grow and stretch their abilities. By doing so you allow them to lift and build one another. Also take caution that you don’t show off.

Following these steps will help you unify your team and once you get the team unified you’ll be able to accomplish a lot more. Think of the task of trying to lift the piano. If you have one individual who is trying to lift the piano by themselves, it’s very difficult, but when you surround that piano with other individuals, the burden become much lighter. When putting a team together, more that you have them unified, the easier that it will be to accomplish your task. Unity is key in an organization to accomplishing things and getting things done in a more efficient manner.