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A business plan precisely defines your business, identifies your goals, and serves as your firm’s resume. It not only becomes a useful management tool that can help you plot a course for your company, it is also a sales tool that will impress venture capitalists with your planning ability and general competence as a manager. Because it provides specific and organized information about your company and how you will repay borrowed money, a good business plan is a crucial part of any loan application.


What to Look for in a CEO?
What Do You Value in a Company?
Where Do You Find Good Ideas To Start A Business?
Six Secrets of Effective Networking
What Skills do Entrepreneurs Needs?
How Has The Way Companies Scale Changed In Recent Years?
Which Projects Are Worth My Time?
Making the Right Decisions
Make These Smart Moves Now for the 2015 Tax Year
Banks Are Reaping the Benefits From Inversions
Is the Deal Between Burger King and Tim Horton’s Really an Inversion?
Who is to Blame for USA Companies Leaving the Country for Lower Taxes?
Is a Personal Tax Inversion Right for You?
How the Wealthy Make Their Charitable Donations Count
Best Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Roth
Millionaire Taxes- The Debate is On
Why Are U.S. Banks Cashing in on Inversions?
Do not Underestimate the Importance of Tax Planning
New Tax Rule FATCA Could Affect Foreign Investors in the U.S.
Should Wealthy People With Kids Get A Break From the IRS?
Tax Inversions Growing in Popularity Amongst U.S. Companies
If You Have A Secret Offshore Account, Beware
When Are Trips Deductible On Your Tax Return?
Are You Looking for a Tropical Tax Haven?
Willfully or Not, That Is the Question
How Does Lowering Business Taxes Pay Dividends?
Tips for Helping You Beat Those Annoying Fees and Taxes
IRS Announces New Efforts to Help Offshore Taxpayers Be in Compliance
More Americans Are Renouncing Citizenship Due to Tax Rules
Tax Planning Strategies for the 3.8% Net Investment Income Tax
What to Expect When Trading Collectibles in Foreign Auctions
The Tax Side of Dealing in Collector Cars
Does The Economy Really Suffer From Those Who Skip Out on Taxes?
Do You Have a Handle on Your Retirement Taxes?
IRS Going After Investors Who Buy Art Overseas
Work Smarter – Not Harder Part 1
Work Smarter – Not Harder Part 2
Tutorial: Business Plan Basics
Preparing Your Business Plan
Basics of Forming a Corporation
Choosing Your Legal Form
Drafting a Partnership Agreement
How to Bring in a New Partner
Pros & Cons of S Corporation
What is a Sole Proprietorship
Conducting as Corporation
Budgeting for Your Business
Deducting Start-up Expenses

The Latest Articles From Stephanie Sylvester
Smartest Ways to Use a Tax Return

Doing Business in India from an American Perspective
Investing in India: Big Splashes and Little Drops
The Roots of the Family Business
Feeding a Dream
Putting Kids to the Test
Home is Where the… Business is
Young Americans in the Motherland

The Latest Articles From Kent Livingston
Would a Carbon Tax Make Sense for America?
Can the IRS Really Tax You on Income Not Earned?
Be Careful What You Put in Your Taxable Investment Account

The Latest Articles From Emily Topham
Overconfidence Steps Up

Leadership and Business Articles
The Human Factor In Mergers and Acquisitions
How Do Leaders Continue to Improve Their Leadership Skills?
What Is the Most Exciting Thing in the Global Economy Right Now?
Finding the Right Work-Life Balance
Your Successes Are More Important Than Your Failures
How Can I Sustain My Family Wealth?
When Is The Right Time To Sell My Business
Living My Ideal Lifestyle
How Can I Grow My Net Worth But Lessen My Stress?
Keys to Empowering Others
Finding the True Power of Motivation
How Will the Young Generation Learn to Be Great Leaders?
Attributes of True Leaders
Decide What you Want in Life
How To Stay In Control Of Your Company
The Career Advice That Young People Need to Know
Spirituality In Business Leadership
Does a Liberal Arts Education Have Any importance in Today’s World?
Business Planning

Survive the Recession by Starting Your Own Business
Re-energize Your Business Mission and Vision Statements
Internet Home Based Business – Is It For You?
Dissolving California Entities That Have Ceased Doing Business
How to Ride Out a Recession
How to Report 1099 Income
How to Recession Proof Your Small Business
Earn-Outs in Mergers & Acquisitions
Reimbursing for Work-Related Expenses
Buying a Distressed Business
The Professional Corporation Trust
Lending Money to Your Corporation
Business Income Insurance
How to Successfully Sell Your Company
Ways to Improve Cash Flow Now
New Ethics Rules Mean CEOs Hunting For New CPA
Biggest Challenges Facing California Businesses
Successful Cash Flow Management
Streamline Your Business
10 Ways to Increase Your Profitability
10 Mistakes that Reduce Profitability
10 Ideas to Enhance Cash Flow
Mergers, Acquisitions, and Reorganizations
Retirement Plan Options for Small Businesses
Sale of Business Sales Tax

Business Tax Planning

Why Do California’s Tax Problems Continue?
California Budget Surplus Could Have Adverse Effects
Why Are California Lawmakers Battling Over How to Spend Free Money?
California Not Winning the Popularity Contest Amongst CEOs
7 Tax Tips for Starting Your Own Business
Choosing a Business Entity that is Right for You
C Corporation vs S Corporation Selection Decision
Tax Benefits of Telecommuting
Deducting Start-up Expenses
Research & Development Credit
S Corporation Tax Benefits
Foreign Companies and Individuals Doing Business in the United States
Sec 1045: Application to Partnerships
Sec 179: Business Equipment Depreciation
Sec 1244: Small Business Stock Sales
Sec 1244: Capital Loss
Sec 1202: Stock Exclusion & Rollover
Sec 213: Medical, Dental, etc., Expenses


5 Ways to Successfully Network
How to Network
9 Powerful Ways to Improve Social Skill
Be a Great Listener To Become a Great Leader
Downward and Upward Communications
Rebuilding Trust Through Communication
Practices for Employee Surveys
Improving Social Interaction
Overcome Fear of Public Speaking


Effectively Managing Your Goals
12 Traits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs
Setting Personal Goals At Home and At Work
Entrepreneurs Determine their Destiny
Finding Employment in a Tough Economy
How to Stay Focused on Work: 6 Simple Tips
Transitioning from Employee to Entrepreneur
Is Your Career a Stock or a Bond?
5 Rules of Building Successful Connections
Three Steps to Developing an Effective Personal Development Plan
Persistence – Use Good Judgment
How to Become Employed with 9.8% Unemployment
How to Ace That Phone Interview
Make Your Mark with Your Own Career Brand
Passion for Business
How to Get Your Dream Job in a Slow Economy

Human Resources

How to Hire Safely, E-Verify Immigration Eligibility
Employee Recognition Programs
Safety and Health Programs
Women on Overseas Assignments
Making Better Hiring Decisions
Reasons Employees Leave
Diversity in the Workplace
Diversity Recruitment & Retention


Entrepreneurial Leadership
Qualities of Effective Team Leaders
The Best Leadership Style
Giving the Benefit of Doubt
Become a Leader by Overcoming Barriers
Don’t Throw Away Individual Potential
Become Involved with Leadership Opportunities this Summer
Learning to Lead by Example
Enduring Your Race
Becoming an Influential Leader
Overcoming Discouragement
The Leadership Quiz
Creating a Positive Work Environment
Standing Tall in the Event of a Disaster
Goal Failure and Goal Success
5 Tips for Overcoming Procrastination
How to Be More Happy- 5 Things Leaders Can Start Doing Now
The Art of Listening
How to have More Leadership Courage – 3 Tips
5 Leadership Skills that will Bring Success
Four Reasons People Fail
3 Steps to Becoming a More Grateful Leader
There’s no ‘I’ in ‘TEAM’
3 Things to Remember for Better Team Building Activities
The Leaders Speech
Leaders as Teachers
The Power Within You
Qualitites that Define a Successful Entrepreneur
4 Ways to Lead During Turbulent Times
How to Be a Successful Communicator
Staff Motivation and Effective Leadership Skills
Six Important Managerial Skills for Successful Leadership
At Root, Leadership is Service
Breaking the 4 Minute Mile
7 Steps to Successful Delegation
Vampire Meetings and How to Slay Them
Four Primary Functions of CEO Leadership
Motivating Employees Through Today’s Economic Crisis
10 No-Cost Ways to Recognize Employees
Traits of an Exceptional & Successful Entrepreneur
Seven Qualities of a Good Leader
Leadership Starts With Character
Leaders Can Create Change
Making Changes the Right Way
Enhancing Leadership Skills
Ethics in the Workplace
Reward Employees for Teamwork
Get People to Love the Rules
Prevent, Deter, Detect Fraud
Avoiding Sexual Harassment


Ten Tips to Create an Effective Blog
Finding a Niche in the Hispanic Market
Slogans in Life, Career and Business
Exposure Through Public Speaking
Selling Your Success
Finding Networking Opportunities
Marketing Your Business Online
Marketing Moves for Success
Organize a Seminar or Event


6 Tips for Avoiding Digital Clutter
Video Conferencing
Technology Disruptions as Result of Growth or Acquisition
Successful Technology Outsourcing
Document Management Services

Venture Capital

Know the Basics of the 7 Types of Funds When You Are Sourcing For Business Funding
Understanding Revocable, Irrevocable, and Transferable Letters of Credit
Using Warrants in Your Private Placement Offering
How to Attract Business Capital – An Upstart’s Guide
How to Find Invoice Finance Options
New Venture Partners: Top Thirteen Things You Should Know
Ways to Find Private Equity and Venture Capital
Venture Capitalists Prefer Large Established Markets
Advice for Startups Seeking Venture Capital
The Life Cycle of a VC
Due Diligence for Startups Raising Venture Capital
Startup Fundraising – Do You Know Who You’re Talking to?
Approaching a Possible Joint Venture Partner
Global Entrepreneurs “Insourcing” Bootstrap Financing Techniques
Private Equity Funds Structures
Business Angels for Your Startup
Second and Third Round Financing
Venture Leases and Loans
The First Meeting
Alternative for Technology Entrepreneurs
Venture Leasing
Understanding the Venture Capital Investor
Recent Trends in the Venture Capital Community
Six Stages of a Business in the VC World
Financing Structure and Pricing

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