Alternative to Deleting Facebook



Facebook is getting a lot of criticism. Last week Apple CEO Tim Cook slam’s Facebook that it wouldn’t be in the situation because it cares about privacy. Facebook is also getting heat from congress over the last presidential election and the spreading of fake news.
While some users are calling to delete their Facebook account, there are other options. According to Mark Zuckerburg, Facebook is taking actions to prevent companies from getting your information and ensuring these types of things won’t happen again. They have also added additional security options for your account.
Firefox came out with an add-on that we highly recommend. The add-on is called Facebook Container. Facebook container works by isolating your Facebook tab from your other open tabs, making it difficult for Facebook to track other websites visited with third-party cookies.
We put the add-on to the test and found the add-on was an easy install and had no negative effects with our browsing experience. The only negative experience is the add-on install will log off your Facebook account. After that the only difference you will notice is the address bar will have Facebook in blue with a lock on the right-hand side.
What do you think of the add-on?
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