Welcome to our secure payment portal powered by QuickFee, offering 4 trusted independent payment processing options.*

  1. Recurring Payment: Monthly fixed recurring autopayments are predictable, budget friendly, and transfer funds directly from your bank with no additional fees, (requires Partner approval).

2. ACH: Pay invoice in full online with a bank-transfer payment option. Electronically Transfer funds directly from your bank with no additional fees.

3. Credit Card: Pay your invoice in full online with a credit card payment option. QuickFee will apply a 3.5% processing fee to all credit card transactions.

4. Payment Plan: QuickFee’s option to finance invoice(s) totaling $5,000 or more over 3-12 monthly installments* (as of 1/15/23, the interest rate was 11.9%).

*Any applicable fee or interest goes to QuickFee, not to GROCO.

*Amount due is payable upon receipt of the bill.  Delinquent accounts will be charged a finance charge of 1% per month.  Thanks you for keeping your account current.

Things to Note:

    • QuickFee will show as the merchant name on your bank statement
    • For international credit cards, please choose “Other-International” for city, and enter five zeros for the zip code


  • Keep working capital in your business for other purposes.

  • Smooth your cashflow.

  • Access an additional line of credit without formal application or engaging the bank.

  • No additional security is required.

  • No termination fee if you decide to pay off your loan with QuickFee early.

  • Obtain the additional services you need to grow your business.