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If you’re a regular traveler, then chances are you’ve already been to numerous incredible places. But that doesn’t mean you’ve seen everything there is to see and stayed everywhere there is to stay. In fact, if your travel season is about to get underway then you’re probably looking for some great new places to stay. If you’re tired of all the run-of-the-mill hotels, or maybe you’re just looking for something truly unique, then check out these one-of-a-kind options.


Attrap’Reves, Allauch, France – this gives new meaning to the term living in a bubble. These rooms are literally transparent bubbles that allow you to be one with nature. They give you the feeling of being in the middle of a natural environment, but protect you from the elements. They don’t offer much privacy, but thankfully they are strategically placed in secluded areas.


Les Cols Pavellons, Olot, Spain – these unique hotel rooms are made entirely of glass and crystal. The rooms have no technology or even decorations, so they help keep you at one with nature. When you get hungry the Catalan country house on the property boasts a 2-Michelin-star restaurant.


Crane Hotel Faraida, Amsterdam, Netherlands – if you’re ready to walk on the wild side, then give this “uplifting” experience a try. This hotel features three suites, as well as a panoramic lounge. The panoramic elevators will take you to the top of the crane, where you can access the spa pool. And when you’re ready for some real excitement, take the plunge. You can even bungee jump from this hotel.


Free Spirit Spheres, Vancouver Island, Canada – for the free spirit, head to Vancouver Island in Canada for a truly amazing “hangout.” This resort is open all year but is only open to adults. Here, you will enjoy an enchanted rainforest atmosphere as you literally hang out in the forest. They are compact, but cozy and offer a hotel experience like no other.


Natura Vive, Cusco, Peru – have you ever wondered what it would be like to wake up on the side of a cliff? You don’t have to wonder anymore. Thanks to the Natura Vive in Cusco Peru you can do exactly that. These transparent pods are literally suspended in the air 1,300 feet above ground attached to the Cliffside. You can only reach them by climbing, or via zip line, but once there, you’ll see why there is nothing quite like Natura Vive.


The Hotel de Glace – Queen Elsa has nothing on this place: a hotel made entirely out of ice and snow. Be sure to dress warm and bring plenty of layers because you can’t turn up the heat. The hotel even offers an ice chapel, as well as a slide, made out of ice, of course.


Spitbank Fort, Portsmouth, UK – this floating island is more than 135 years old but only became a resort in 2012. It features a roof deck, a sauna, and eight suites. Take a dip in the pool, or just relax in the sun. This is a different kind of cruising experience.
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