Positive Leadership Leads to Positive Behaviors

Positive Leadership Leads to Positive Behaviors

Positive leadership is of vital importance in any organization.   However, we often focus more on the negative than the positive behaviors of others. Have you ever noticed that giving a child negative reinforcement usually results in continued negative behavior? You may get the desired result in that moment, but inevitably the child returns to the same negative behavior. Interestingly, adults are much like children when it comes to reinforcement. We tend to behave according to the feedback we get, whether it’s negative or positive. And that’s why it’s so important to exude positive leadership in the workplace. No matter your organization, if you want positive behaviors occurring in your organization, you need to practice positive leadership.

Focus on the Positive Outcomes You Desire

If you focus on what makes you unproductive or unhappy, then you’ll likely continue to get those same outcomes. But if you focus on what makes you happy and what improves productivity, you’ll ultimately see regular and consistently positive outcomes. So, it stands to reason, if you want to improve organizational behavior, its vital to improve your positive leadership.

Positive Leaders Facilitate Change

Positive leaders make positive changes; they are the key factor in achieving the best performance and results, in individuals, groups and organizations. So, what does positive leadership look like and how is it different from normal leadership? Positive leaders exude confidence in everything, and always look for the good in things, even with negative outcomes. For example: positive leaders

  • Focus on people’s abilities and strengths, reaffirming their potential
  • Emphasize results and facilitate better individual and organizational performance
  • Concentrate on the most essential virtues of the human condition

Types of Positive Leadership

There are five types of positive leadership and each one shares the common theme of maintaining and encouraging the highest level of behavior. They are:

  1. Servant Leadership – just like it sounds, this type of leadership promotes putting one’s followers’ needs over his or her own. This leader’s primary concern is the success of his or her followers. Servant leaders understand that when their followers are successful, so are they, and more importantly, so is the organization.
  2. Transformational Leadership – Transformational leaders have the ability to motivate their followers to look beyond their own interests. They’re able to guide and direct their behavior in order to achieve common goals.
  3. Authentic Leadership – authentic leaders are very confident, optimistic, resilient, and hopeful, and have an abundance of moral strength. When followers model their behaviors after authentic leaders, they tend to develop self-regulation, self-awareness and personal success.
  4. Spiritual Leadership – this form of leadership focuses on the abilities, interests and needs of both the leader and the follower. Spiritual leaders possess strong morals and values and they help to develop those values in others.
  5. Ethical Leadership – this form of leadership tries to promote the right behaviors through interpersonal relationships between the leader and the follower. It uses transparent communication and a positive reward system.

Your Organization is a Team

Thinking of your organization as a team where everyone is respected and all are important, and a culture imbued with the attitude that everyone works together for the benefit of all, creates an attitude of positivity and a natural desire to help each other and the organization as a whole to succeed and thrive. For more information about positive leadership, check out one of Kim Cameron‘s books on the subject.

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