TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2016- Koder

TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2016- Koder


Alan: Hi, I’m here today with Elmer Morales and he is the co-founder or founder of Koder.

Elmer: Founder, yes. That’s right.

Alan: Welcome to today’s show.

Elmer: Thank you. Thanks for having me.

Alan: So Elmer, is this your first company?

Elmer: It’s actually my fourth, I’ve had a few others before and you know my last company was a consulting company and that’s sorta where the inspiration came from to start Koder.

Alan: So Koder holds itself as the developer of software as a service and you’re in the virtual reality space.

Elmer: Yeah, so we do virtual reality. We also do a lot of work around mobile apps and web development and so our core offering is developers on a monthly subscription service and so it’s a pay as you go model rather than the traditional hourly or, you know, large fix projects we are basically offering something more affordable to startups and small businesses.

Alan: What gave you the inspiration behind Koder?

Elmer: Well, to be honest, prior to this I was running a consulting company and we were catering to large fortune 500s, but we were just too expensive for the smaller guys and I have always been passionate about startups and tech. And so that’s where I sorta thought well if we slice and dice the consulting time into a subscription model, we can offer our services in a more digestible format at a better price point to smaller companies and so this has basically disrupted my previous consulting business and you know we are on a mission to disrupt the consulting model and the traditional hourly worker engagement model.

Alan: How big is your company right now?

Elmer: So right now we have over a hundred developers and we’re growing pretty rapidly. We actually launched in March, so roughly five months ago and we have been on a great streak.

Alan: Who is your ideal client? Who are you targeting here?

Elmer: So our ideal client, it’s either going to be a VP of technology at a large company, or if it’s a smaller company, we work with the CEOs and founders. Folks that have a big vision, but they need a strong team to help them get there.

Alan: Elmer, how does a person find Koder to sign up for services?

Elmer: So they can actually go to our website, Also, today we have been getting a lot of referrals, which is always good. But yeah, the best way to get started to learn more about us is to visit our website at

Alan: I’m visiting here today with Elmer Morales. He is the founder of And Elmer, thanks for being on today’s show.

Elmer: Thank you. Thanks for having me.


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