The Four Commitments of a winning Team

The Four Commitments of a winning Team
The Four Commitments of a winning Team

When Mark Eaton made it from a 19 year old auto mechanic to a 7′4″ NBA All-Star, who still holds 2 NBA records and played with the Utah Jazz for 12 seasons, he discovered the simple commitments that teams need to perfectly synchronize and become ONE united force.


Commitment #1 – Know your Job

Ask yourself if you are doing a job you are thriving at or are you trying to chase the unattainable?  When Mark Eaton was a young NBA player he was running up and down the court with the more nimble, smaller players. He was not able to keep up with the smaller players. Wilt Chamberlin took Mark aside and explained that he needed to know that his job was to guard the basket because that is what he was best at. Know your job and let others do their job to contribute to your team the best way you can.


Commitment #2 – Do what You are Asked to Do!

When building trust in a winning team, it is important to do what is asked of you. If your team members know you are dependable and know you understand their priorities, you’ll be able to make the team the best it can be and work your way towards victory.


Commitment #3 – Make People look Good

A good leader and team member, is willing to forgo credit in order to make another look good. In Mark Eaton’s NBA career in the early 80’s–the culture dictated a very self-centered approach to the sport. Players played more so for themselves rather than the team. When his coach convinced the team to work as a more cohesive unit, the accolades followed.


Commitment #4 – Protect Others

Do you have the backs of your teammates? If you do your job and you take care of your team, they will respect you. Respect is then the safe ground to gain Loyalty. A team with a high commitment on loyalty is unstoppable!


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