The Top Benefits of Floating Therapy

Have you ever felt so good that you “feel like you’re walking on air?” Of course, that’s just an expression, but what if you could get that kind of feeling in a real-world experience? Life is stressful and people are always looking for new ways to catch a breather, relax, get away from it all or just clear their heads. From yoga to meditation and everything else in between, reducing stress is a must in order to be happier and healthier.

Floating Is Gaining Popularity
To that end, there’s a new craze going on in the relaxation market. It’s called floating and it’s becoming increasingly popular. In reality, floating is simply a new term for sensory deprivation therapy. Numerous professional athletes are using floating to help ease the pain from the constant grind they face from playing at the highest level. But floating is not just for professional athletes. Anyone can do it. In fact, floating centers are popping up all over as the trend continues to gain steam.

What is Floating?

So what is floating? While you don’t actually walk on air, you do float on water. Floating rooms feature pods or isolation tanks that are full of water that’s been saturated with Epsomsalt, aka magnesium. Because the salt makes the water so dense it’s impossible to sink. You climb in the tank, which is located in a dark and silent room and just…well…float. You lie completely still and allow your body to become totally relaxed. The typical floating session lasts about 90 minutes, but they can go longer.

The Benefits
There are reportedly several benefits to floating, which is why so many people are starting to give it a try. According to different studies, floating helps in the following ways:

• Reduces blood pressure
• Improves your sleep habits
• Speeds up muscle recovery
• Increases relaxation
• Relieves tension headaches
• Reduces stress
• Improves circulation

More Benefits
Additionally, when you use floating therapy you also get the benefits of soaking in magnesium water, which is essentially an Epsom salt bath. Magnesium has been proven to benefit your skin, so every time you float your skin gets some extra tender love and care, as well. Furthermore, magnesium also helps balance the levels of calcium in your body, and it helps normalize your blood pressure. In addition, it reduces stress and the risk of cancer and other diseases, and it helps balance your hormones.

Ready to Give Floating a Try?
If it all sounds too good to be true, of course, there are skeptics. But the overwhelming majority of people that have tried it have good things to sayabout floating. If nothing else, it allows you to get away for a couple of hours and become completely relaxed. While floating won’t cure everything that ails you, it does offer many benefits. And, as with anything else, the only way you can really discover the benefits is by trying it yourself. So if you’re interested in going for a float, you can search for a floating center in your area simply by doing an online search for “floating in (enter your city here). Ready to relax? Then it might time for a float.