Top Diets for 2017

What’s the best diet plan in the world? The answer to that question all depends on whom you ask. Perhaps the real question is do diets even work at all? There are countless studies that say otherwise. However, in reality, we all have a diet. Even if your diet consists of cheeseburgers and pork chops, that’s still a diet. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a diet that fits the more traditional definition of the word: a meal plan to help improve your health, lose weight and keep it off, then you have dozens of choices.

What Do the Experts Say?

You can search the Internet high and low, talk with your family and friends or watch all the YouTube experts. No matter where you turn you will have no problem finding someone with an opinion. So how do you know which diet is really the best? You turn to the experts like U.S. News & World Report did. According to an expert panel of nutritionists and dietitians, these are the top five diets in 2017.