Accounting Joke Videos

Accounting Joke Videos



So, you’re saying it’s ok. Insanity, is a side-effect of tax law.

Accounting Classes


I tried taking a course on ethics for my CPE credits, but everything contradicted what I learned in my accounting classes.



So, you’re saying that I should own my feelings… but my accountant said that it would be smarter if I lease them.



Man, I need a new password for my computer that no one would guess…I got it! I-love-taxes. Haha!

Counting Beans


1…2…3…5…18…42…203…What? 560…800…

Tax Loophole


I don’t want to brag or nothing, but I got a tax loophole named after me.



I bought a brand new 84”, 4K TV this year, and I even wrote it off on my taxes. What? My accountant said I needed to look at the bigger picture of things.

An Accountant’s Glass


Well you know pessimists, they see the glass as half empty. And optimists, see it as half full. But accountants… they see it being twice as big as it needs to be.

Counting Your Dependents


So I just got back from a trip down to Mexico. I got a tapeworm down there. Yeah, at first I was upset, but then I got over it. I claimed him as a dependent and then I got myself an Earned Income Tax Credit.

Educational Tax Loss


So if I can’t find a job, does that mean that I can count my education as a tax loss?

Monster Under The Bed to IRS


When the economy went down, it affected me really badly. It got so bad that the monster under my bed had to go and get a new job. I was relieved at first and I started sleeping better, until he visited me at work a couple months later as an IRS auditor. And then the nightmares started all over again.

Tablets vs. Phone Books


With smartphones and tablets becoming more prevalent in society, accountants are left without a hobby. I mean, how are they supposed to add phone books now?

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