What Core Beliefs Do Great Bosses Share?

What makes a great boss, great? For starters, great bosses earn their employees trust. People want to follow great bosses because they believe in what they are doing. Great bosses also believe in those they lead. They help their people accomplish more and achieve greater successes. But what makes one boss better than another?

Let’s look at some of the most common core beliefs that great leaders share.

Employees Are Individuals–a great boss believes that employees are all unique individuals with different strengths and weaknesses. They are not clones that should all be lumped together. Great bosses will get to know each employee’s abilities and help them cultivate their strengths.A bad boss tries to use the same strategies for every employee and tries to motivate them in the exact same way.

Growth Is Encouraged–bad bosses are afraid of growth and development from their employees. The first sign of success from an employee causes fear and anxiety. They worrythey will look bad or be surpassed.They don’t teach or offer instruction on how to improve or achieve more success. A great boss does completely the opposite. They constantly look for opportunities for their employees to grow. They give them such opportunities and encourage development. Great bosses are most satisfied when their employees maximize their potential and achieve their greatest success.

Work Should Be Enjoyable–great bosses know that work does not have to equal misery. Work can and should be fun. The more fun employees have the more productive they will be. Good bosses actually enjoy their work and they believe their employees should enjoy work, as well. They find ways to make work fun and they give assignments that their employees will enjoy, and find successin. Bad bosses see work as something they have to do. They don’t look forward to work and their employees usually don’t, either.

Employees are not Subordinates–average bosses treat their employees like subordinates. They put themselves above their employees and make sure that they understand who is in charge. They make rules and enforce them and look for opportunities to criticize and punish. Great bosses, on the other hand, see their employees as equals. They don’t put themselves above their employees, and they give them the opportunity to make decisions and succeed.

Positivity Inspires Motivation–average bosses rely on rules and punishment to motivate their employees. Great bosses understand that true motivation comes from inspiring employees with positive experiences and feedback. A good boss knows he or she can push people to greater success by inspiring them to be their best and giving them opportunities to achieve more.They help employees find more energy through sharing their ownenergy.

You Can Be a Great Boss
Becoming a great boss doesn’t happen overnight. If you share these core beliefs, you’re well on your way to becoming a great boss. If you want to become a better boss then align your thinking with these beliefs. You’ll have more success, your employees will achieve more, and work will be more enjoyable for you and them.