Top Careers for Working Parents

Let’s face it, being a parent is a tough job. Long hours, no holidays or vacation days, and the pay is anything but spectacular. Of course, parenting has some great rewards, and most parents wouldn’t trade those intangible benefits for anything. However, the reality is most parents struggle to figure out how to be good full-time parents while fitting in a full-time job. Often, it’s the parenting duties that get left on the back burner.

Parents have to support their families, but hopefully not at the cost of never being there for their families. With that backdrop in mind, which careers are the best suited for working parents? Keep in mind that these jobs might not always pay the best, but they do offer more flexibility, which enables parents to be there when their kids need them most.

These positions include call center representatives, school bus drivers, teacher’s aids, tax accountants, and web writers. All of these positions are typically quite flexible. On the other hand, some of the higher paying jobs that are good for working parents include dietitian, physician assistant, public relations specialist, speech-language pathologist, and web developer. These not only allow for greater flexibility, but they also offer a better quality of life.