Nick Sonnenberg – Founder of Leverage

Nick Sonnenberg

Nick Sonnenberg, Founder of Leverage Leveraging Your Business Operations About Nick Sonnenberg   Nick Sonnenberg is the founder and CEO of Leverage, a business efficiency consultant, columnist and author of the upcoming book, Come Up For Air: How Teams Can Leverage Systems and Tools to Stop Drowning in Work. Nick’s mission is to create companies…

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Jim Kwik – Unlocking Your Brain’s Limitless Potential

Jim Kwik - Unlocking Your Brain's Limitless Potential

Jim Kwik Unlocking Your Brain’s Limitless Potential Jim Kwik knows a thing or two about learning. After suffering a traumatic brain injury as a child, Jim was faced with many challenges. He was teased by classmates and referred to as “the boy with the broken brain.” But Jim didn’t let his injury hold him back.…

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Brian Smedley – Chief Economist at Guggenheim Investments

Brian Smedley

The Economic Forecaster – Brian Smedley Droves of anxious people take to the arid streets of Tatooine. The desert planet recently experienced a decline in GDP and now with inflation on the rise, rash financial decisions made by the population were a real danger. As the crowd continues onward, it is confronted by a stranger.…

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Craig Stanland – Reinvention Architect and Mindset Coach

Craig Stanland - Reinvention Architect and Mindset Coach

Craig Stanland – Reinvention Architect and Mindset Coach Interview Highlights After hitting rock bottom, Craig Stanland was forced to make a choice: give up or rebuild. He thought he had “it all” until he lost sight of what’s truly important and made the worst decision of his life, losing everything along the way, including his…

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Chad Jenkins- SeedSpark Removing Obstacles for Growth

Chad Jenkins

Horses, they don’t speak but if you take the time to listen to them, they have an awful lot to communicate. Such lesson was learned by a young boy growing up on his family’s farm in South Carolina. The time that Chad Jenkins spent learning to listen to his horses, set him up for succeed…

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Mark Gaunya – Where is Health Care Headed

Mark Gaunya

About Mark Gaunya Mark is a principal at Borislow Insurance (BI) and the Founder of Captivated Health located in Boston Massachusetts.  BI is highly regarded as a leading regional employee benefits brokerage and strategic advisory firm serving employers and individuals.  Captivated Health is an innovative solution designed to help middle market employers “Bend the Healthcare…

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John Gatti – Partner at Loeb and Loeb

John Gatti - Partner at Loeb and Loeb:

The workings of Law cover every aspect of life. From business agreements to marital disputes lawyers work to simplify complex issues and convince the jury of the innocence of their client. Law even covers the entertainment industry. Listen as John Gatti describes how different aspects of law work in entertainment. Transcript: John Gatti – Partner…

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Brooke Elder – Founder of Social Tenacity

Brooke Elder

Entrepreneurs live a high risk life. From near bankruptcy, Brooke Elder was able to build Social Tenacity, a coaching network for marketers, to help others scale their business. Listen as she describes some of the secrets to her business’ success. Brooke Elder – Founder of Social Tenacity Transcript: Alan Olsen: Welcome to American Dreams. My…

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Nick Nanton – Emmy Nominated Filmmaker

Nick Nanton

As a winner of 22 Emmy Awards, Movie Producer Nick Nanton has a great understanding of the arts and how to captivate the audience. His secret for doing such amazing work is surrounding himself with experts and allowing them to do their jobs. Listen to this American Dreams Episode to learn how he was able…

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Gareb Shamus – Bringing NFTs to Super Heroes

Gareb Shamus

Gareb Shamus Biography Gareb Shamus is a serial entrepreneur, visionary, and cultural catalyst who has influenced over a billion people through his businesses, communities, and relationships in the Superhero and character franchise worlds.   As the founder and publisher of Wizard magazine, Shamus created the comic book industry’s most influential voice and grew Comic Con…

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