There Is a Bright Side for Early Filers Victimized by Obamacare Gaffe

There’s been no shortage of complaints and problems with Obamacare since the nations new health care coverage law went into effect. In fact, the debate continues to rage on and another major decision from the U.S. Supreme Court is forthcoming in the months ahead. However, for the time being, Obamacare has been a problem for many taxpayers at this time of year.

The biggest gaffe came when the Obama administration announced in February that as many as 800,000 taxpayers who followed directions and purchased their health insurance through the government marketplace had received invalid tax statements. The government mailed out Form 1095-A, which showed healthcare credits, to millions. However, up to 800,000 of the forms that the government sent contained the wrong information.

The good news is that only about 50,000 people among the 800,000 had field their taxes before the mistake was discovered. So what about those 50,000? Will they be penalized? There’s more good news. The Department of Treasury has announced that anyone who has already filed their taxes with the incorrect information will not have to file an amended return. Therefore, even those who would have ended up owing more if they had filed their tax return with the correct information will not have to worry about re-filing.

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