Another Tax Scam Is Upon Us – Beware of Back Taxes Bullies

No one likes a bully. Bullies can wreck havoc on their victims. From swirlies to stealing lunch money, bullies are a big problem. The same can be said for tax bullies, except they want to steal a lot more than your lunch money. There have been several recent reports from different locations around the country that an old tax scam has resurfaced recently.

Callers, who claim to be with the IRS, are contacting taxpayers and threatening to sue them if they don’t pay their back taxes. Of course, for those who know they don’t owe any back taxes, this call can be simply a nuisance. However, for those who aren’t sure about their tax situation, these calls can be confusing and even quite scary. The callers can appear to be very legitimate and they can leave some of their victims feeling helpless.

The bottom line if you receive a call like this is that it is a scam. The IRS will not call taxpayers and threaten them, no matter how much they might owe in back taxes. They will always first send a letter to inform you of any kind of tax problem or situation. They won’t ask for personal information and they will never threaten to sue you or send you to prison.

If you receive any kind of call like this, don’t be alarmed. Instead, hang up and call the IRS to let them know, as well as your local authorities. The more people that are aware of the scam the fewer the victims the scammers will be able to get.

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