How Will Taxes Affect Your Success in Retirement?

retired couple

Are you at that point in your career where the number of years you’ve already worked greatly outnumber the years you have left to put in? If retirement is just around the corner for you, or even still out on the horizon a bit, you should be using this time to get ready for taxes. Taxes in retirement can suck a lot of money from your monthly income so making smart moves now can make a huge difference.

The last thing you want to do is run out of money in retirement. So keep these tips in mind to make sure you have plenty to get by. For starters, you need to know which bracket you fall in. If you move up the tax bracket ladder it could cost you because the portion of your social security check that is subject to taxes could go up. Therefore, if you can lower your income bracket by adding more to a retirement account or by prepaying some deductible expenses that is a good idea.

Another way to combat taxes in retirement is to make strategic withdrawals between the years you retire and the time you have to start withdrawing a minimum amount at age 70 and ½. Choosing the proper balance between taxable accounts and tax-deferred accounts is also crucial to saving on taxes in retirement.

You can learn more about saving on taxes in retirement by contacting GROCO today. Just call 1-877-CPA-2006 or click here.

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