Approaching “Star Trek”-Like Medical Technologies

medical tech

The world of technology is constantly evolving. In fact, new and emerging technologies have become a part of just about every industry in the business world. The medical world is no different and, in fact, many of the most amazing and groundbreaking technologies are created by and for the medical and healthcare industry. Thanks to wonderful new technologies, people are now enjoying some of the greatest medical advantages the world has ever known, many of which were never thought possible just a few years ago. With so many previously far-fetched advancements now becoming a reality, some wonder if we will soon see some fictional sci-fi technologies actually created for medical purposes.

Where Is Healthcare Headed?

I recently watched an interview by Alan Olsen, CPA, Managing Partner Greenstein, Rogoff, Olsen & Co., LLP (GROCO) of Joe DeLuca, CEO and Managing Practice Director of IT Optimizers. Joe founded IP Optimizers in 1998 after he successfully negotiated the sale of his former firm to a large defense contractor. In his current roles at IT Optimizers, Joe oversees internal strategy, planning and operations. On the client side, Joe’s domain expertise includes high-risk projects as well as complex, multi-organizational initiatives. Joe has many professional affiliations, including Fellow, American College of Healthcare Executives; Member, Healthcare Financial Management Association Member; Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society; and Past Affiliate, Institute for the Future. Additionally, Joe received the ACHE Regent’s Senior Leadership Award. He graduated with an MA in Health Services Administration from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and with a BA from Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Game-Changing Medical Technologies

Alan asked Joe how realistic some of these futuristic technologies depicted in Star Trek really were. “I think some parts are very realistic. My roommate in graduate school, who was a medical student, often talked about the “tri-quarter” reading and said that someday we will be able to do sensor based physiology without having to do some form of biometrics around you. We are moving in that way. There are different approaches trying to get at moods or blood pressure using very minimally invasive technologies if invasive at all. So I think some parts of it are moving very well and some parts of it are obviously theoretical.”

Are Genetic Alterations Coming?

Alan also asked about current genetic studies and modifications, if we’re dealing with science fiction or reality in that area? “We are approaching reality on that. The core principles around that have been around for a while, but what we haven’t known is how certain diseases like cancer work as an organism. So once we discover that, then we can do things, which will actually allow your system to be programed to attack the cancer based off of new genetic traits. Either you get a new gene introduced to your system or you do something that would attack the cancer. So that’s going on right now. That research continues and it’s actually moving into therapies for individuals. It’s a long way from going to the drug store and getting something over the counter or even a prescription pill, but it’s actually very real. What is more science fiction in the future is changing our bodies to be different biologically and to basically become a cancer-proof organism.”

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