How to demonstrate mutual respect in the workplace

How to demonstrate mutual respect in the workplace

Definition: Mutual Respect

Mutual respect should be at the core of any true principle-based leader. Mutual respect is the recognition that two or more individuals have valuable/important contributions to make in a relationship.

Benefit: Mutual Respect

When an individual demonstrates mutual respect, they show that they not only care for others, they also care for themselves.

However, it is hard at times for individuals to recognize opportunities to demonstrate mutual respect in the work place.

Some suggestions on how to demonstrate mutual respect in the workplace.

1. Maintain an open-door policy

A simple way to ensure that your direct reports know that you respect them is to maintain an open-door policy. This speaks to your willingness to hear the ideas of your direct reports and simultaneously helps them to feel empowered to bring forward ideas and concerns to you in a respectful manner.

2. Listen to your direct reports

You would think that everyone would be doing this, however many managers don’t exhibit active listening skills or listening skills in general. Through taking the time and focusing on what the concern/opinion that your employee sharing.

3. Act on suggestions

Showing mutual respect through truly listening means that that you do more than just listen to an individual. Through taking into consideration what they are saying and following up on it, you demonstrate that you value their communication and insights.

This allows for them to value your contribution and insight as well.

4. Be open with praise giving

This is especially important when showing mutual respect to Millennials, since studies have shown they prefer to communicate regularly and get feedback from their managers. That feedback given can be positive when appropriate. However, don’t forget to give other employees praise as well.

People like praise and they like to be praised in public. Essentially, give praise where praise is due!

5. Focus on the mission, vision and goals of the company

A culture of mutual respect starts with having respect at the core of your business. Through perpetuating the mission, vision and goals of your organization to your employees (and with your clients) you will ensure that people will be treated as you would like.

6. Take the time to learn about your employees professional and personal goals

One of the best and easiest ways to show respect to your employees is to get to know them on a deeper level. By taking the time to sit down and get to know their motivations and goals, whether that is at a professional or personal level you will be able to make work more meaningful for both you and them.

You will also learn what the best way to communicate with them is and they will get to know you better as well.

7. Celebrate workplace milestones

People who celebrate together are more likely to respect each other. When your team finishes big projects or hit milestones, take a moment and celebrate. Showing your appreciation for their efforts will allow them to feel that they are part of something that is bigger than just their individual role and will make them feel appreciated.

8. Treat people with courtesy, politeness, and kindness (AKA mutual respect)

9. Encourage colleagues to convey opinions and ideas.

10. Listen to what other people have to mention before expressing your viewpoint. Never talk over or disrupt someone else. Listen and quit formulating rebuttals and answers in your mind if you have to concentrate on listening to the other individual.

11. Use peoples’ ideas to alter or improve work. Let workers know that you used their thought or encourage them to implement it.

12. Never insult, utilize name-calling, disparage, or belittle individuals or their thoughts.

13. Do not constantly criticize, judge, demean, or patronize a worker. A collection of apparently trivial activities added up over time represents bullying.

Showing mutual respect at work is easy to do and allows you to become a better leader.

Here you must watch, Why you should establish a mutual commitment for Success also.Thus, Mutual Respect is a necessity for a healthier, professional office where employees feel appreciated performing work that’s meaningful for their own organization.

A healthy work environment may boost worker retention and boost an organization’s standing as a wonderful location to work.

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