Redefining Social Responsibility In The Financial Industry: Our Conversation With David Reiling

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David Reiling is an accomplished social entrepreneur and innovator in the field of community development finance and financial inclusion. He has been the Chief Executive Officer of Sunrise Banks since 1995, and since then, he has successfully transformed Sunrise Banks into a leading player in the industry, becoming the first Minnesota-based bank to be certified as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) and a legal Benefit Corporation.

In this interview, David shares his journey of redefining social responsibility in the financial industry, from his early experiences to the present day challenges facing Sunrise Banks. He discusses how Sunrise Banks has been able to create an innovative approach to client service and address social and environmental issues while remaining competitive in the financial sector. He also offers insight into Sunrise Banks’ unique approach to responsible banking, which has enabled them to become a leader in their field.

David’s passion for social responsibility and innovative solutions is inspiring, and his story serves as an example of how we can create positive change by using technology and data-driven approaches. He has shown that with the right vision and leadership, it is possible to redefine what’s possible in the financial industry.


Social and Environmental Impact Meets Financial Institutions

David Reiling is a leader in the financial industry who has used banking to make meaningful contributions to social and environmental impact. As CEO of Sunrise Banks, he has been instrumental in transforming the bank into a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) and Benefit Corporation. Through these initiatives, Sunrise Banks has provided capital to underserved markets, such as small business and affordable housing, while also addressing environmental issues such as energy efficiency.

David has also used innovation to develop unique banking products that help clients save money and make better financial decisions. In 2013, he launched the Financial Wellness program at Sunrise Banks, a first-of-its-kind offering that provides customers with access to personalized budgeting, financial education, and access to low-cost products. In addition, Sunrise Banks is at the forefront of using technology to provide services more efficiently and cost effectively.

Values Based Banks

Sunrise Banks has become a leader in values-based banking, a new type of financial institution that puts social and environmental impact ahead of profits. At Sunrise, David leads the charge by focusing on mission-driven investments and socially responsible banking practices. He believes that banks should strive to be good corporate citizens by investing in their local communities and demonstrating a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Through its innovative tactics, Sunrise Banks has been able to make a positive impact while remaining financially profitable. David has shown that it is possible to create a successful business model based on social responsibility and environmental stewardship. He believes that this approach will become more prevalent in the banking industry over time as financial institutions increasingly recognize their role in creating a better future.

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