Steve Young on Building an Epic Family Legacy

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Retired 49r Steve Young Discusses Building a Family Legacy at the Legacy Builders Event on May 15, 2024

As GROCO celebrates three decades of excellence in family office tax and advisory services, we have developed the Legacy Builders to stands as a testament to the firm’s enduring vision: to transform wealth into a powerful tool that can be used for societal good and to leave a lasting impact on the world.

Headlined by former NFL 49r quarterback Steve Young, and filled with world class speakers, our May Legacy Builder event taking place on Wednesday, May 15, 2024, in San Jose, CA promises to be an intimate in-person invite-only enriching experience that offers a unique blend of insight, purpose, and community.

It is an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and families who share a commitment to making a lasting difference through their legacies; and who will offer unique perspectives on utilizing wealth for societal impact, sharing strategies and stories that inspire and empower.

If interested in attending, please note that this is not intended as a free or open-to-the-public event.  For more details about attending, please contact Eric Olsen, Family Office Director, email:


What is Legacy Builders? 

The Legacy Builders initiative stands as a comprehensive ecosystem designed to empower ultra-high-net-worth families in sculpting and securing their legacies for future generations. At its core, the initiative comprises three critical components:

     The Workshop: “Crafting Your Legacy: Audit, Governance, and Blueprint” serves as an interactive, hands-on journey where families undergo a thorough audit to assess alignment of values, establish a robust governance framework, and design a detailed legacy blueprint.

This foundational step ensures families are well-equipped to articulate and enact their visions effectively.

     The Conference: An exclusive gathering that brings together leading minds in philanthropy, wealth management, and legacy planning. This event serves as a crucible for inspiration, networking, and the exchange of groundbreaking ideas.

Attendees gain unparalleled insights into the art of legacy building, leveraging the collective wisdom of peers and industry experts.

     The Legacy Builders Club: An ongoing membership platform offering continuous support, resources, and access to a network of like-minded individuals committed to the principles of impactful legacy building.

The club facilitates collaboration, provides updates on best practices, and offers mentorship opportunities to ensure members are always at the forefront of legacy innovation.

Together, these components form a holistic approach to legacy building, providing the tools, knowledge, and community support necessary to create lasting impact that transcends generations. The Legacy Builders initiative is more than a program—it’s a movement towards purposeful wealth stewardship and societal contribution.

Our May Conference promises to be a melting pot of insight, purpose, and community, offering an unmatched opportunity for attendees to connect with fellow visionaries committed to making a lasting difference through their legacies.

Building a Family Legacy

The Role of Wealth in Societal Impact

The intricate relationship between wealth and societal impact is a cornerstone topic in the discourse of modern philanthropy and strategic wealth management. At the core of this discussion is a fundamental question: How can wealth be harnessed as a force for good, driving positive change in society?

The Legacy Builders event, hosted by GROCO, serves as a vibrant platform to explore this question. Wealth, when strategically managed and directed, has the power to create waves of societal impact, transcending the boundaries of personal gain to benefit broader communities and even global causes.

Philanthropy: A Pillar of Societal Contribution

Philanthropy is perhaps the most direct and impactful way high net worth individuals can employ their wealth for societal benefit. Philanthropy goes beyond mere charitable donations; it involves a strategic approach to giving that seeks to address the root causes of social issues, rather than just their symptoms.

Philanthropy can take many forms, from establishing charitable foundations to funding research and supporting non-profit organizations. The key is to approach philanthropy with a combination of heart and strategy, ensuring that every dollar donated makes a measurable impact.

Strategic Planning for Social Impact Investing

Another facet of using wealth for societal good is social impact investing. This approach involves investing in companies, organizations, and funds with the intention of generating a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return.

It’s a step beyond traditional investment strategies, as it prioritizes both profit and purpose. For high net worth individuals, incorporating social impact investments into their portfolios can be a powerful way to contribute to societal advancements while still maintaining financial growth.

This type of investment often focuses on areas like renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, healthcare, education, and affordable housing – sectors that are crucial for the welfare of communities and the planet.

Engaging the Next Generation in your Family Legacy

Discover the keys to preparing the next generation for effective succession planning in our exclusive engagement panel tailored for wealthy families and high-net-worth individuals.

Uncover strategies to ensure that your heirs are ready for wealth transfer and carrying on your family’s legacy, fostering both responsibility and legacy stewardship in our next-gen focused discussion.

Join us to shape a future where the new generation upholds and enhances your family’s vision, successfully driving legacy forward with informed engagement and foresight.

Private Foundation – How to maximize their benefit

Private Foundations are popular among wealthy families as ways to positively impact society while simultaneously maintaining control of how funds are distributed, but they can be challenging to navigate.

At the Legacy Builders conference you’ll have a chance to engage with experts as they share their insights on strategies to ensure the longevity and impact of private foundations, emphasizing the importance of clear mission statements and proactive governance.

These veteran philanthropists recounted the lessons they’ve learned from guiding their own foundations, highlighting the significance of adaptability and community engagement.

The discussions will also cover the benefits and timing of partnerships, as panelists stressed that collaborative efforts with like-minded organizations can amplify the success and reach of a foundation’s work.

The Power of Networks and Collaboration

High net worth individuals often possess influential networks that can be mobilized to drive change. By collaborating with other like-minded individuals, non-profits, governments, and international organizations, they can amplify their impact.

This  can lead to more substantial, long-term change than any single individual or organization could achieve alone.

The Legacy Builders event emphasizes this collaboration and serves as a unique opportunity for attendees to network, share ideas, and form partnerships that can catalyze significant societal changes.


Conclusion: A Collective Vision for the Future

The intersection of wealth and societal impact is dynamic and multifaceted. As we look forward to the Legacy Builders event, it is clear that high net worth individuals have an unprecedented opportunity to leverage their wealth, influence, and networks for the greater good.

By embracing strategic philanthropy, impact investing, community enrichment, and collaborative efforts, they can not only enrich their legacies but also contribute significantly to a more equitable, sustainable, and prosperous world.

For additional information about the Legacy Builders next conference and future events, please contact Eric Olsen, Family Office Director, email:

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Speaker biographies:

Steve Young

Steve is a Partner, the Chairman and Co-founder of HGGC. Steve is a member of HGGC’s Management Committee, Investment Committee and Valuation Committee. He serves as Chairman of the Board of three HGGC portfolio companies: IDERA, Integrity and AutoAlert.

Prior to their sales, he also served as a member of the Board of Directors for the firm’s exited investments in hybris Software, Dealer-FX, Serena Software and Sunquest Information Systems.

Prior to the inception of HGGC, Steve’s professional football career spanned more than fifteen years in the NFL, primarily with the San Francisco 49ers, where he received numerous accolades, including Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl XXIX.

Sports Illustrated and Sporting News’ Player of the Year from 1992 – 1994 and the NFL’s Most Valuable Player for 1992 and 1994.

In 2005, Steve was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the first left-handed quarterback to be so honored. When he retired, Steve was the highest-rated quarterback in NFL history and has the distinction of being the only signal caller in league annals to win four consecutive NFL passing titles.

Steve founded and chairs the Forever Young Foundation which is actively involved in children’s charities worldwide and is currently the broadcast host as well as the former International Spokesperson for the Children’s Miracle Network, which has raised over one billion dollars world-wide to benefit children’s hospitals.

Becky Douglas

Becky Douglas is the Founder of Rising Star Outreach, a non-profit that works with the leprosy-affected of India.  Her organization uses micro-credit to create economic self-reliance, provides medical services, and gives a world-class education to the children of the leprosy colonies.

Becky is the subject of the Gracie Award-winning PBS documentary, Breaking the Curse, and the Emmy Award-winning Documentary by Profiles in Caring.  She was the recipient of the John Houston Allen Humanitarian of the Year Award by Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters.

She received the “Classic Woman Award” in 2009 by Traditional Homes Magazine.

Her work has been featured in the Ladies Home Journal, the Washington Post, and numerous other journals and magazines, as well as by the BBC, ABC, NBC, and other television networks.  Rising Star Outreach’s work will also be featured in a new PBS special, LIFT, coming out on March 23, 2024.

Becky’s work has touched audiences across the world. She spreads the message that within each of us lies the power to make a difference in the world.

Becky is married to John L. Douglas, the Chief Legal, Risk and Compliance Officer of TIAA in NYC.  They are the parents of ten children.

Ken Neumann

Ken Neumann, is the Founder of Youtopia.  He combines his extensive engineering and business background, with a unique ability to envision new opportunities, design streamlined strategic paths to lead substantial transformation.

He assembles and leads teams to achieve the vision while focusing and energizing the people to achieve excellent results.

As owner, CEO, and/or partner of several firms within a variety of industries, Ken’s leadership and passion for greatness has driven annual revenue from start-up to over $500 million and completed over $5 billion in total revenue.

Ken has invested and developed businesses ranging from pharmaceutical manufacturing, energy technology, information/software technology, team development, land development, and commercial and residential construction.

Ken’s passion is in creating, designing, and building win-win, bold, new companies related to solving some of the world’s biggest challenges. Ken is currently the founder and CEO of Youtopia where we are “Making Vibrant Health and Longevity to 120 a Simple and Achievable Reality for All of Us”.

He has been recognized by Training Magazine as one of the Top 12 CEO’s in the world for developing people and his businesses have been awarded the highest levels of distinction; twice being awarded the National Housing Quality Award, America’s Best Builder, Top Technology Company of the Year, 100 Best Companies to Work for, etc.

Jason Ma on Shaping Next-Gen Leaders

Jason Ma

Jason Ma is the Founder and CEO of ThreeEQ, a family business.

As the award-winning Chief Mentor of Next-Gen Leaders, acclaimed author of “Young Leaders 3.0,” and star former Forbes contributor on Mentoring Young Leaders, Ma is renowned for preparing Next Gens in UHNW families for greatness while enhancing family legacies.

With over 39 years of seasoned experience in education, tech, and finance sectors, and 2+ million miles of world travel, Ma has masterfully guided numerous next-gen leaders, from Gen Z high schoolers to Gen X CEOs, 1-on-1, in achieving great outcomes—from Ivy League/elite college admissions to next-level family and business success, all with well-being.

As a Forbes Global CEO Conference by-invitation delegate for 8 years and beyond his unparalleled mentorship, Ma is a well-connected strategic advisor and rainmaker. He is an investor and CBO co-building a patented tech venture (in semi-stealth) poised to disrupt and transform the massive 3-sided marketplace of consumers, brands, and platforms.

Since 2014, Ma has served as a prominent member of the Business 20 (B20), the G20’s official forum with the global business community, contributing to policy recommendations on the future of work/employment/skills/education for G20 Leaders and their governments.

He is one of a select few Americans appointed as a B20 member through the G20 Presidencies of Australia, Turkey, China, Germany, Argentina, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, India, and Brazil (2024). Ma is also an influential voice on AI/digital transformation and trade/investment.

Ma’s inspirational thought leadership resonates through coverage in elite publications (e.g.,, Fast Company, Impact Wealth, Wealth-X, Wealth Briefing, JustLuxe, Clientele Luxury, Agreus Group) and as a sought-after speaker* at prestigious family office/investment, business, and education events.

Ma’s commitment to mentorship, tech innovation, and philanthropy (e.g., St. Jude/ALSAC Council member) firmly establishes him as a cornerstone of impact and legacy in the UHNW family, family office/investment, and CEO communities.

A father of two compassionate Gen Z daughters, he and the Ma family (nicknamed the “MAfia”) value unconditional love, humor, and high standards in what matters. Ma holds a degree from UC Berkeley College of Engineering.

Leadership, Duty, Honor & Country With Lt. Gen. Mike Barbero

Michael Barbero

Mike Barbero, is currently President of MDB Partners and a former US Army Lieutenant General, is a proven performer with extensive experience in leadership of large organizations and complex, multi-billion dollar enterprises.

Possesses 4 years’ experience in the Middle East coordinating strategic political-military operations at the highest levels.

Since transitioning to the private sector in 2013, Mike has formed several partnerships and is engaged in multi-million dollar projects including security, oil and gas, large infrastructure projects and a mining operation.

He is engaged in project development and project financing and capital raising for enterprises in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. He is also very active in the Kurdish Region of Northern Iraq.

Lieutenant General Barbero holds a master’s degree in national security and strategic studies from the National Defense University, Washington, D.C. He is a graduate of the Army’s Command and General Staff College and the School of Advanced Military Studies Program.

His awards include the Defense Distinguished Service Medal, Defense Superior Service Medal, Legion of Merit and the Bronze Star Medal (oak leaf cluster). He has also earned the Expert Infantryman Badge, Parachutist Badge, Air Assault Badge, Ranger Tab, Australian Jump Wings and both the Army Staff and Joint Staff Identification Badges.

Barbero has worked as a consultant for Ironhand Security, Intelligent Decisions Systems and Jones Group International. He has worked as a paid advisor to the Saudi, Kuwaiti and Libyan governments.[5]

 Geoff Woolley 

Geoff Woolley is Chairman & Co-Founder at University Impact and has been active in venture capital investing for over 30 years, managing more than $2 billion in investment capital as the founder of successful venture funds in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

As Founding Partner of Dominion Ventures and European Venture Partners (now called Kreos Capital), Geoff pioneered the concept of venture debt. Over his career, Geoff has invested debt and equity in over 400 companies, including Ciena, Coinstar, Hotmail, and Human Genome Science.

Geoff has been involved in frontier market venture capital investing since he joined Unitus Labs as a board member in 2001.

During his time as Unitus Labs’ Capital Markets Chair, he was instrumental in the launch of Unitus Equity Fund, the first commercially focused micro finance equity investment fund, as well as Unitus Capital, the first investment bank focused on serving social enterprises throughout Asia.

Since its launch, Unitus Equity Fund and its successor Elevar Equity have raised three funds totaling nearly $168 million, while Unitus Capital has successfully arranged over $1.6 billion in debt and equity financing for social enterprises.

In 2011, Geoff co-founded Patamar Capital (formerly Unitus Impact), a frontier markets venture capital firm with the mission of unlocking better economic opportunities for Asia’s low-income communities.

In addition to his current role as Co-Founder and Partner of Patamar Capital, Geoff holds board seats at MicroBenefits, Jana Care, and Kinara. He is a founding and current board member of SKS Microfinance, India’s largest microfinance bank, and Samhita Microfinance.

As co-founder, Geoff launched the largest student-led venture fund in the United States, the $18.5 million University Venture Fund.

In addition, Geoff launched the University Impact Fund, which partners university students with top-tier impact investing firms and social enterprises to provide the students with real-time exposure to projects and investments.

Geoff holds a B.S. in Business Management from Brigham Young University and an MBA from the University of Utah.


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