The Economic Benefits of Hosting The Super Bowl

Economic Benefits to Hosting Super Bowl

The Economic Benefits of Hosting the Super Bowl

Written by Traci Bullock


What is the Super Bowl?

Arguably, the most popular US sporting event of the year.  The Super Bowl features the best two teams from the NFL’s American Football Conference (AFC) and National Football Conference (NFC) competing for the Vince Lombardi Trophy, named after the legendary Green Bay Packers head coach. The game is commonly referred to as the “biggest event in American sports” and attracts a large international audience.

With millions of people tuning in to watch the game on television, the halftime show, which typically features a major musical act, is also highly anticipated, as are the TV commercials.

Determining the Location

Before planning for the Super Bowl can start, deciding where it will be played needs to happen. Determining the location of the Super Bowl is done through a bidding process where cities that have NFL stadiums or are planning on building one submits a bid. The NFL then reviews the bids based on several factors: quality of the stadium and facilities, available hotels and transportation, the ability of the city to accommodate visitors, and any financial incentives.

Infrastructure Improvements

Once the location for the Super Bowl has been decided, years in advance, improvements to the city start immediately. These improvements typically include renovating the stadium, building new hotels, and improving transportation systems. Government spending in the host city increases in order to pay for the infrastructure changes.

The most significant improvement made in the city is often in transportation. Local policymakers see the importance and long term effect of having an effective and sustainable transportation service. The consequent investment in transportation benefits the local economy and small businesses for years after the game.

Economic Impact on Businesses

The most significant economic benefits of the Super Bowl come to small businesses. The influx of visitors to the host city for the Super Bowl can increase customer traffic for small businesses, such as restaurants, bars, and retail stores. Increased customer traffic can lead to increased sales and profits for small businesses, especially those located in or near the areas where Super Bowl events and activities occur.

Hosting the Super Bowl can also provide small business owners with valuable networking opportunities, as they can interact with other business owners, local government officials, and industry experts. These interactions help build relationships, foster collaboration and open up new business opportunities.

The impact on all local companies in the host city is an increase in revenue due to the influx of customers and sales. However, the increase in consumers also comes with increased costs due to the need for more employees and the maintenance of facilities. Once the game is over, employment reverts to where it previously was unless there is a need to maintain it, such as tourism.

On average, visitors will spend $200-$300 per person each day.  Along with other events occurring during Super Bowl week, the state of Arizona expects to benefit by over $1 billion dollars.

Long Term Economic Benefits

The long term economic benefits of hosting the Super Bowl can vary depending on several factors, including the size and resources of the host city and the specific initiatives undertaken to leverage the event.

One example of a long term benefit is increased tourism. Increased tourism can bring economic benefits to the city, such as an increase in money spent on local goods and services, and new jobs in the tourism industry. It can also help to boost the local economy and support sustainable growth.

Hosting the Super Bowl provides a city with increased exposure to a worldwide audience, allowing it to showcase its attractions, culture, and amenities to millions of viewers. These attractions can become tourist hot spot that leads to an increase in the local tourism industry.

In addition, the influx of visitors to the host city for the Super Bowl can introduce new people to the city, many of whom may return for future visits or recommend the city to others.  Finally, the city’s exposure can result in increased tourism for the city in the years following the event.

Another example of a long term benefit for the host city is the attraction of new businesses. The city’s exposure due to the Super Bowl enhances the city’s reputation as a destination for major events. In addition, it contributes to the city’s image as a desirable place to live, work, and visit.

With this new reputation and the successful hosting of a Super Bowl, the host city has demonstrated itself capable of fostering a favorable business environment by creating a sense of excitement, energy, and investment. This promising environment and reputation can attract new businesses to the city and contribute to the growth of the local economy.

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Written by Traci Bullock

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