Using Nutritionists to Prepare Amazing Meals Personalized For You

In this interview, Alan Olsen talks with Ken Neumann‘s about nutrition and Youtopia

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As Ken Neumann wanted to share his God given talents with others, he started a business called, “Youtopia”. It started off as a simple question, “Is there a way to increase the nutritional value for those who have some type of health disorder?” Like a chain reaction that gave way to creating a company that maximizes your nutrition and helps alleviate different health challenges.


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Alan Olsen:  Welcome to American Dreams. My guest today is Ken Neumann. Ken, welcome to the show.


Ken Neumann: Thanks, Alan. It’s such a pleasure to be here and I certainly adore the work you’re doing and love your new book my path.


Alan Olsen:  Well, thank you Ken. You know it’s our journey in life is not the same for any two of us, we each are going to have our own path in life. And, and as we visit today, I like to talk about some of the things that you’ve got through in your life to get to where you are today. So maybe help us understand how your journey has gone so far.


Ken Neumann: Well, in my life, I feel really very much at peace and joy richly blessed, but by My journey has been full of ups and downs. Like I think all of our journeys are in life. My wife and I both started out with really strong families, great family values, great spiritual values, we learned as little kids that, you know, for us, God is first and and we make all of our decisions following God first, our spouse, our family, and others, and loving and caring about others.

So those core values, if you will, that are our foundation, have allowed us to get through all those ups and downs of life, because there’s certainly many of them.


Alan Olsen:  Let me roll back a little bit. How did you meet your wife?


Ken Neumann: Oh, it’s an interesting story. Way back to when I was a little boy, around five years old. Her family moved in across the parking lot in our` little town in southern Wisconsin moved in across the parking lot. And her dad was a pastor and became pastor of the church. And at about that time, my family moved about five miles away.

But through some situations that occurred, the pastor of our church had gotten killed in a plane accident, and her dad became pastor of our church on the one where we used to live if you well, so was five miles, he was an interim pastor for about, I don’t know, to two and a half years.

And through those years, our churches, you know, the same basic background, shared a lot of stuff. And like he confirmed by brother and sister and all this kind of thing. So candidly, we way back then I used to go pheasant hunting with her dad Sagna there, our journey goes, obviously beginning of life, as you will.


Alan Olsen: It’s, we never know that the path where the path will take us. But every choice and decision we make leads us to a different direction. When you how long you’ve been married for now,


Ken Neumann:  Both my wife and I are remarried. We’ve been married for 21 years. But our story goes back to when we were little kids. So that’s when we got to meet each other, if you will, we took different paths for wild and life and, and for us, God brought us back together on a midway through our lives.


Alan Olsen:  So when when you’re looking at your journey and where you’re at now, what are you currently working on?


Ken Neumann: So we’re working on a project? Well, let me go back just a step before that. So we’ve been made many decisions, traveled many journeys in our life and been richly richly blessed in almost every aspect through those times, and found ourselves at the season in our lives and will look we are so gifted, what is it we can do to continue to love others in a profound way?

What is it we can bring to mankind that would really help mankind recognize the the gifts that God’s given us along the way and, and the talents and capabilities that he’s layered on us? See, I see every day that you know, I feel like well, I know that we’re all created as a masterpiece. And I feel like every day the potter’s working on the clay, as it says on scriptures of God’s been shaping and molding myself, those around us for this season and life.

So today we find ourselves about five years in new journey building a company called Youtopia,  in that company, we will I think the unresolved of it was a very, very substantial transformation in mankind’s history. In that what we do is we aggregate all the knowledge about your unique body and turn that into your daily nutrient needs.

So if you think about all 8 billion of us on the planet, we develop the capabilities to understand exactly what is Alan Olsen’s optimal daily nutrient needs for his vibrant health and longevity. We then turn that information into four star quality meals that show up for you every day ready to eat. So we’ve made your life very simple, very easy. Imagine if you got up this morning.

And essentially you had a high level nutritional scientist and a high level chef in your house living there that knew your body really, really well knew what all your food preferences are, what your intolerances were, if he had them, knew the health condition in your body, and then prepared a whole selection of meals for you to enjoy without you even thinking about it.

That’s what Youtopia does only we do that on a very massive scale, because we don’t put a nutritionist on the shelf in your house. But we’ve automated that whole process, which what we know as mankind. And what all the research and study shows us is that things like diabetes, type two diabetes is 90 to 95%, preventable reversible and curable with the right nutrition.

And so if you think about that, we have 34 point 5 million Americans being treated for type two diabetes, and we have another 98 million Americans that are pre diabetic. So roughly a third of our population has or will deal with diabetes. With Youtopia, that one, it just one of many disease will virtually disappear, 90 to 95% of it will be gone.

And so this specialization allows my wife, Jean, and I to really pour all the capabilities God’s given us with a whole great team of other people into loving and caring about you. And bringing all of us together, our commonality of being together, loving each other and sharing great food together.


Alan Olsen:  Ken, walk me through your process, right? Diabetes, type two diabetes, as you indicate a lot of people out there, a lot of people have cures. So I come to you Ken say, hey, I have type two diabetes. I want to work with you. What’s my next step,


Ken Neumann: So Alan, what we just launched after five years of working on this is our alpha location. So that’s a physical store location, think of a restaurant and amazing drink bar with highly nutritious drinks, and a facility that has what we call it Discovery Center in it. So what you do is you just simply walk into our store, and you can walk in and sit down and eat food.

We’ve already optimized that around your body to some degree, or enjoy, you know, great drinks and those things. So the whole dining refreshment experience. But if you’d like to know more about your body and get closer to your personal daily nutrient needs, you just walk in the store, go to the Discovery Center. In the Discovery Center, there’s a whole set of experiences for you.

You can select what’s important for you, everybody starts with a experience called the starting line. In the starting line, we’re looking at 15 basic functional areas of your body. So we do a pre diabetic checker, we do have metabolic syndrome checker, an immunity system, a heart and vascular insulin. So we’re checking really a very robust analysis on your body, and getting our understanding of where your body’s at. Also, that’s obviously all your information as well.

And then we take that information, push it to our multi patented nourishment optimization engine to determine your personal daily nutrient needs. And from that we use that information we created some amazing tools for what we call our exponential chefs, who then take your personal daily nutrient needs and turn them into unique food for you that’s optimized throughout body.

So it’s really simple. We knew to we knew to get this to scale, and have a huge impact on mankind. We had to make your life simple and achievable. And so all you do is walk in the store, you walk over in the Discovery Center everything’s handled. We also will help we don’t currently have walls they helped numerous other experiences like the fertility period. So typically females in the period when they’re trying to conceive or they’re on pregnant and lactating.

They have all different nutrient needs during those periods for themselves and bloodline. And so there’s a fertility period experience. There’s a migraine, mental minimizer. So billion people on the planet get migraine headaches. And when you think about that, you’re going well, why is that? And what’s the cause of that? Well, there’s two basic nutrients that they’re deficient on.

In if their body was robust in those nutrients, about 50% of their migraines would be gone. So about half of the population and about half billion people would not have migraines and more and the other half the population, their migraines would be greatly decreased. Now, it’s no guarantee it’ll impact every person that gets migraines. But that’s what the science and the studies show us.

So the migraine minimizer is another experience just like the fertility period, there’s a body shaper if there’s a toxin Eliminator, there’s a whole set of experiences and there for you to choose from. Making it all simple and easy for you.


Alan Olsen: In terms of locations where the stores you, you’re just getting started, how many store locations are currently in place?


Ken Neumann: We’ve just literally in fact, we’re just soft opening our first one. So less than one, I guess I want to say at this point, it’ll take us about four months to fully open the store. And we go from zero people working there to 64 people. And we’re at 17 or 18 people. And of course, all those people have to be trained and the whole process and everything we do. So we’re estimating four or five months before our first location be fully opened.

And, you know, we’re always listening to the consumer, what’s their experience? Like? What do we need to do differently, we’re, of course debugging our own technology that we built from the ground up and working through all those things. After we get that done and perfected, then we’ll start scaling.


Alan Olsen: When up and running wherever that first store be located?


Ken Neumann: It’s in southwest Denver, in terms of the suburbs out in the Littleton, 470 & Ken Carlton Ranch Rd.


Alan Olsen: Now, you’ll always have those entrepreneurs who say, hey, I want to be first in line and love what you’re doing. And if they want to, you know, maybe even beta tests, how would they is or are their beta testers for you?


Ken Neumann: Well, the only way you can really test this as a come to our store at this point, because the only thing we’re actually open for is from 11 ro eight o’clock at night for lunch and dinner seven days a week. And we over this period of the next four months, then continue to open up our full resources. When when we’re when we’re done in full scale and that store, you’ll be able to order from home you can order in advance with routed delivery.

So in the most beautiful situation, and we think most of our consumers will just embrace our service really 24/7. So you just go on your app, and you ordered meals in advance about a day and a half to two days in advance. And like the old milkman routes you and I probably remember, we show up every day with a beautiful Youtopia cooler.

We put it on your front porch with your food in it, it’s all plated on china plates, porcelain china plates, ready to go in your microwave to be heated, it’s completely cooked. It turns out incredibly delicious. You just simply eat it. I’m pretty sure you don’t like doing the dishes either. When you’re done eating you just put the dishes right back in a cooler set the cooler back outside we pick it up, drop off a new cooler every day with your fresh food.

All of our food is made from scratch fresh and locally every day. We blocked out 238 nutrient or nutrients we blocked out 238 poisons toxins those kinds of things and our meals are very nutrient dense.


Alan Olsen:  Now Youtopia phonetically you can spell a different ways you can spell with a Y you can spell with a U How do you spell Youtopia?


Ken Neumann: We are we say we are you built while YOU built as a company. And so we spell Youtopia, YOUTOPIA, utopia with the U the definition is an imaginary perfect place in the universe, right. And so what we’re working on at Youtopia, we’re a group of people that have come together with shared core values. We’re aligned and candidly Alan, we love you and we love every other person. So our lives are built around you.

In fact, our mission statement as a company is kind of strange in lieu of this incredibly capitalistic oriented world. And it’s to help you monetize and maximize your resources on your behalf. So we’re focusing on what would be good for Alan, for example, or any other person we’re talking about.


Alan Olsen: Is your website up and running right now Ken?


Ken Neumann: It is


Alan Olsen: Well, good. Well, hey it’s pleasure having you with us and explaining about the new program that sounds really exciting is going to address a lot of the needs of the people with diabetes, type two diabetes and a proactive way. I want to take one step further though, when we’re looking when you’re looking into the future in life, and let’s say you go all the way to end of life, what Ken what do you want to be known for?


Ken Neumann: Fundamentally, giving everything I have to love other people. So Youtopia is built out of my wife. So my absolute core of just loving and caring about other people. And hopefully what we’ve shown is our kids we have four grown up sorry, five grown kids with four of them married 11 grandkids, but also many, many 1000s or millions of others, that what Youtopia brought to the world is one of the 10 biggest transformations in mankind’s history.

And we changed the trajectory on health and wellness for everybody. You know, my personal measurement of success in life is when I get to heaven if God says, “Well done my good and faithful servant.” So my core focus is on everything I think do say, where I put my activity where I put my energy is am I serving God and bringing glory to God? So that’s, that that’s my personal measurement of success.

And if I’m known for that, that would be a huge blessing if it if it blesses others


Alan Olsen:  Ken, thanks for being on today’s show.


Ken Neumann: You’re welcome, Alan. Thanks for having me. Take care.


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    Ken Neumann on Alan Olsen's American Dreams Radio
    Ken Neumann

    Ken Neumann combines his extensive engineering and business background, with a unique ability to envision new opportunities, design streamlined strategic paths to lead substantial transformation. He assembles and leads teams to achieve the vision while focusing and energizing the people to achieve excellent results. As owner, CEO, and/or partner of several firms within a variety of industries, Ken’s leadership and passion for greatness has driven annual revenue from start-up to over $500 million and completed over $5 billion in total revenue. Ken has invested and developed businesses ranging from pharmaceutical manufacturing, energy technology, information/software technology, team development, land development, and commercial and residential construction. Ken’s passion is in creating, designing, and building win-win, bold, new companies related to solving some of the world’s biggest challenges. Ken is currently the founder and CEO of Youtopia where we are “Making Vibrant Health and Longevity to 120 a Simple and Achievable Reality for All of Us”. He has been recognized by Training Magazine as one of the Top 12 CEO’s in the world for developing people and his businesses have been awarded the highest levels of distinction; twice being awarded the National Housing Quality Award, America’s Best Builder, Top Technology Company of the Year, 100 Best Companies to Work for, etc.

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