The Most Valuable Items to Include In Your Garden

the most valuable items to include in your garden

The most valuable items to include in your garden may surprise you.  Gardens come in all shapes and sizes and can be very personal. Plus, with so many diverse fruits and vegetables, there is no end to what you can grow in your own personal garden. However, what kinds of things have the most value? Whether or not you plan to sell anything that you grow, there are some items that are actually more valuable than others. So, if you want one of the truly “richest” home gardens in the neighborhood this year, then pay attention.

Garlic in Your Garden

This vegetable is a favorite of many, but it’s also one of the more expensive produce items in the store. That means if you grow it yourself at home, you can save some cash, especially if you eat a lot of garlic. You can even grow garlic as a perennial, which means you won’t have to replant each year.

Cilantro in Your Garden

Cilantro is another money saver because even though it’s not necessarily expensive to purchase, much of what we buy often goes to waste. Plus, did you know that cilantro produces the most value per square foot based on the average good season of growing?

Spinach, Mixed Greens, and Lettuce in Your Garden

All of these items are super healthy and are very versatile. They can be used in so many dishes. Plus, they are all items that are relatively high-priced at your local market. You are often paying more for the convenient packaging they come on, so you can save significant dollars by growing your own.

Valuable Chive in Your Garden

Like cilantro, chives also produce one of the best dollar returns per square foot, so growing it yourself can be very cost-effective. Plus, like garlic, you only need to plant it once because it is a perennial.


Feeding a Dream

Cherry Tomato

Most people love cherry tomatoes, so even if they don’t cost that much, you can enjoy these in your garden no matter what. Plus, it’s easy to go through these guys quickly because they are so small, so chances are you will be buying them a lot.


If you grow enough peas you can freeze them and they will last the whole year, which means you won’t have to pay more during the offseason!

Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper is another money saver because they can be expensive to purchase. Another benefit is that the Bell Pepper also produces the most value per square foot based on the average good season of growing.

Do It Yourself

There you have it. Are you ready to get out and start your garden? Just remember that no matter what you plant, you should start with good soil and continue to regularly water and fertilize your crops throughout the summer. So go plant your valuable seeds and before you know it, you’ll be showing off the “richest” garden on the block!

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