True Leadership Really Depends On Just One Quality


If you could choose only one quality for a good leader to have what would be? Or, if you had to describe a good leader in only one word, what word would you choose? Would it be compassionate, trustworthy, humble, integrity, or perhaps something else? All of those are great qualities in business, and in life. But if you look at what truly makes a great leader and you had to sum it up in only one word that word is really love.

Love Is a powerful Thing

Love is considered the most powerful human emotion in the world. In fact, according to a recent report, a 75-year study from Harvard found that “good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Period.” Or, as one reporter from put it, “The biggest predictor of your happiness and fulfillment overall in life is, basically, love.” So without question, love is the force that drives the human spirit. It’s what everyone seeks. But how does that fit into good leadership?

It’s an Actionable Word

It’s not love, as in the more common definition, as in romantic love. It’s actionable love that creates safe relationships by connecting with employees and caring about who they are and their well-being. A leader who loves cares about much more than simply performance at work. They care about those they lead as human beings. When leaders show this kind of love, it’s been prove to increase loyalty and engagement, and boost performance and value. So how can leaders demonstrate this kind of love to their employees and get the most in return?

• Help Your Employees Grow – this does not simply mean to help them become better employees. When you love those you lead you help them become better people. You help them achieve their goals at work and in their personal lives. Being able to focus on helping people develop their full potential is a very desirable quality in leadership.

• Protect Your Company Culture – company culture can be a powerful thing. In fact, it’s hard to overcome company culture. Good leaders help establish a solid company culture based on positive core values. Once that culture is established good leaders demonstrate love for the companies they work for by fiercely protecting their culture.

• Show Empathy to Your Customers – another quality that goes hand in hand with love is empathy. Empathy is extremely important when it comes to caring for, or loving, your customers. That means you strive to provide them with more than anyone else can provide them. You understand their needs and the issues they face. You show empathy by demonstrating care and concern and then you do everything in your power to help your customer overcome those challenges. You do this because you care about them as people, not just as a customer.

Learn to Love Those You Lead

By demonstrating these attributes good leaders love those they work with and help them all achieve greater things. So if you want to become a great leader, learn how to truly love.

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