Mergers & Acquisitions

Grow your firm by merging with GROCO.
As with most firms, the best way to get to know GROCO is to read our web site. On the right hand side you can click on the word “Brochure” to get a fairly concise overview of the firm. The more one browses, hopefully, the more you’ll like GROCO.

The ideal merger candidate for us is a firm with one to three partners with a small existing staff that does primarily tax work on high net worth individuals with at least one other specialty such as estate planning, forensic accounting, audit, business valuations, etc. They want to grow and are looking for a way to leverage GROCO to assist in that growth.

For our part, we provide benefits, infrastructure and take care of all of the tedious aspects of running a CPA firm so you can concentrate on growing your practice, personal financial gain and doing what makes you truly happy. We also bring substantial expertise and resources to bear on your behalf. Over time, merger candidates will make substantially more money than what they would make selling their practice for even 1.2 times book, but with less stress and a far better work-life balance, including independence.

In some cases, merging with GROCO makes sense as an excellent succession strategy for CPA’s that have no idea when they might want to retire; we actually want the merging CPA to both stay and be happy.

For a lot of reasons we are an exciting and wonderful firm, we are enjoying 15% organic growth this year. If you click on the “Recognitions” button on the top right corner of our web site you’ll see that we won the “Best Place to Work” award and many other recognitions, such as the top 25 best managed CPA firm in the country by Inside Public Accounting Magazine, etc.