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Mel Sauders

Mel Sauders – MVP Kids

About Mel Sauders Bio: MEL SAUDER, the founder, President and Board Chairman of MVP Kids, has been an accomplished senior executive for more than thirty years in a wide range ...
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Jim Demetriades

Jim Demetriades – Creating A Better Future With Science

About JIM DEMETRIADES Bio: Jim Demetriades is the Founder and CEO of venture capital investment company, Kairos Ventures, real estate development and management company, Multiversal, and his own unique children’s ...
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Mike Andrews

Mike Andrews – Predictive Maintenance via Data Analytics

About MIKE ANDREWS Bio: Michael Andrews is an Operating Executive with broad experience across energy (OGP, utility, generation and infrastructure), industrial, value-add distribution, energy related cleantech companies and UAS/Data Analytics ...
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Justin Donald

Justin Donald – The Lifestyle Investor

About JUSTIN DONALD Bio: Justin Donald Bio Entrepreneur Magazine calls Justin Donald the “Warren Buffett of Lifestyle Investing.” He’s a master of low-risk cash flow investing, specializing in simplifying complex ...
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Mauricio Mejia

Mauricio Mejia – Smoke and Mirrors

About MAURICIO MEJIA Bio: Mauricio Mejia: Entrepreneur – Author – Speaker – Mentor – Investor - Philanthropist Mauricio is a restaurant owner, real estate mogul, creator of jobs, investor, speaker ...
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Ray Zinn

Ray Zinn – The Zen of Zinn

About RAY ZINN Bio: Raymond D. “Ray” Zinn is an inventor, entrepreneur, and the longest serving CEO of a publicly traded company in Silicon Valley. Zinn is known best for ...
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Rick Swart

Rick Swart – Family Office Collaboration

About RICK SWART Bio: Growth strategist, advisor, and global connector Dr. Richard Swart helps family offices, VC firms, and socially responsible enterprises unlock their next level of innovation. Dr. Swart ...
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Steve Distante

Steve Distante – Impact Entrepreneurship

About STEVE DISTANTE Bio: Steve Distante is the Founder of Impact U.Film, an independent film company that creates documentaries, focused on impactful entrepreneurs. Steve is also the founder and chairman ...
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David Singh

David Singh – Preserving Capital for the Next Generation

About DAVID SINGH Bio:  David Singh, Chairman and CEO of Swiss Alpha Management: David Singh has a long and distinguished career in finance and banking spanning 27 years: 18 years ...
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Evan Ryan

Evan Ryan – Succeeding Faster with AI

About EVAN RYAN Bio: Evan Ryan is passionate about transforming businesses through AI and helping people do more fascinating and motivating work.  He is the founder of Teammate AI, a ...
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Nick Gillitt

Nick Gillitt – The Science of Longevity

About NICK GILLITT Bio: Dr. Nick Gillitt is the Chief Scientific Officer at BerkleyRD, a R&D company that specializes in creating technologies for the food, supplement, personal care, medical device, ...
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Pat Wilkison

Pat Wilkison – High Performance Teams, Advanced Tech and Trust

About PAT WILKISON Bio: Pat Wilkison is a partner at Integrity Partners Pat spent the last five years proving the thesis of operator-investor impact through a high-performance portfolio of early ...
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Curtis Estes

Curtis Estes – The Art of Passing on Values

About CURTIS ESTES Bio: Curtis Estes is a Wealth Management Advisor at Northwest Mutual. Curtis began his career with Northwestern Mutual in 1991 after graduating from the University of Kansas ...
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Bob Castellini

Bob Castellini – The Power of Human Capital

About BOB CASTELLINI Bio: Bob Castellini is currently Managing Director and Financial Advisor. Robert Castellini presently holds the Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA®) designation. The CIMA® certification program is the ...
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Tom Henderson

Tom Henderson – Consulting on the Green

About TOM HENDERSON Bio: Tom is a Certified Professional and a Class A-1 member of the PGA of America who wears many different hats in the business and is a ...
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Justin Breen

Justin Breen – Simplifying and Maximizing Media Impact

About JUSTIN BREEN Justin Breen is the founder and CEO of BrEpic Communications, a public relations company committed to working with visionary entrepreneurs and business leaders. Although BrEpic Communications is ...
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Paul Abelowitz

Paul Abelowitz – How to Be A Happy Entrepreneur

About PAUL ABELOWITZ Paul Abelowitz is the Founder and CEO of Elite Business Ventures, a company that assists employers in avoiding fines and lawsuits by assisting them with solutions that ...
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David Mansilla

David Mansilla – Breaking Out Of Corporate Jail

About DAVID MANSIllA David Mansilla is passionate about inspiring others. After a long and tough journey, David is pulled towards sharing his experiences in hopes of making just one more ...
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Meredith Bushnell

Meredith Bushnell – The American Families Plan and Your Estate

About Meredith Bushnell About Meredith Bushnell: Meredith Bushnell is co-chair of Venable's West Coast Estate Planning Group. Meredith advises high-net-worth individuals on estate planning and wealth management issues. Her clients ...
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Steven Krein

Steven Krein – Cofounder and CEO of StartUp Health

About STEVEN KREIN About Steven Krein: Steven H. Krein is the CEO, Cofounder and Managing Partner of StartUp Health, which is on a 25-year mission to invest in a global ...
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Al Schmeiser

Al Schmeiser, The Life of a Hemophiliac

About AL Schmeiser About Al Schmeiser: Al was diagnosed with hemophilia when he was 9 months old- a bleeding disorder that has threatened his life on many occasions. Despite his ...
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