John Gatti – Partner at Loeb and Loeb

John Gatti - Partner at Loeb and Loeb:

The workings of Law cover every aspect of life. From business agreements to marital disputes lawyers work to simplify complex issues and convince the jury of the innocence of their client. Law even covers the entertainment industry. Listen as John Gatti describes how different aspects of law work in entertainment. Transcript: John Gatti – Partner…

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Brooke Elder – Founder of Social Tenacity

Brooke Elder

Entrepreneurs live a high risk life. From near bankruptcy, Brooke Elder was able to build Social Tenacity, a coaching network for marketers, to help others scale their business. Listen as she describes some of the secrets to her business’ success. Brooke Elder – Founder of Social Tenacity Transcript: Alan Olsen: Welcome to American Dreams. My…

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Nick Nanton – Emmy Nominated Filmmaker

Nick Nanton

As a winner of 22 Emmy Awards, Movie Producer Nick Nanton has a great understanding of the arts and how to captivate the audience. His secret for doing such amazing work is surrounding himself with experts and allowing them to do their jobs. Listen to this American Dreams Episode to learn how he was able…

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Gareb Shamus – Bringing NFTs to Super Heroes

Gareb Shamus

Since he was a boy, Gareb Shamus had a passion for comics and collecting. As he chased his dream he was able to develop a community where comic lovers, and superhero fans could meet and bask in their passions together. Listen how he did it, and what his future plans are in this episode of…

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Heidi Kuhn–Founder of Roots of Peace

Heidi Kuhn - CEO of Roots of Peace

Heidi Kuhn–Founder of Roots of Peace Transcript: Alan Welcome to today’s show. Can you share a little about your background with us?   Introduction of Heidi Kuhn, see bio below   Heidi When one looks back on the tapestry of our life, you know, it is those seeds that we have in common rather than…

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David Checketts – The Sports Business Legend

David Checketts

From consultant to NBA team president and general manager to regional church leader, David Checketts has a grand story. His American dream was to pursue his love for basketball and use his life experiences to create champion teams, and champion people. Listen as he shares his story of how he was able to reach his…

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Scott Donnell – Helping Kids Understand Money

Scott Donnell

Financial literacy is one of the most important skills for individuals to acquire especially for children as they grow up and venture into the world. But how do parents go about teaching financial skills in a meaningful way? Scott Donnell has created an app, GravyStack, which helps parents teach their children the necessary financial skills…

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Chad Willardson – Teaching Kids Values

Chad Willardson

  Children need to be taught about the uses of money; how to spend it; how to make it; even how to invest it. “How is that possible?” Is the question that many people pose. Chad Willardson describes how parents can effectively teach their children how to make and use money.  Episode Transcript of: Chad…

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Heeten Doshi – The New Age of Investing

Heeten Doshi - The New Age of Investing

What is it like to start a business from scratch. Heeten Doshi describes his experience with learning the ins and outs of business as he started his Hedge Fund. Listen as he tells how the market works and how hedge funds play into it. Interview Transcript, Heeten Doshi – The New Age of Investing:  …

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