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Mitch Davis

Mitch Davis on Creating, The Other Side of Heaven Movies

About MITCH DAVIS Mitch Davis earned a Master of Arts in film production from the University of Southern California in 1989. Concurrently, he was hired as a creative executive at ...
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Lee Ritcher

Lee Ritcher – The Power of Collaboration

About LEE RITCHER Lee Richter is an award-winning business innovator and global visionary recognized recently by the San Francisco Business Times as one of their Top 100 Women Business Leaders ...
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Lori Taylor

Lori Taylor – Raising Eagles

About LORI TAYLOR Lori R Taylor believes in emboldening others to give voice and energy to their game-changing ideas. This commitment to always playing by her heart is probably why ...
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Jaqueline Hernandez

Jaqueline Hernandez – Executive Director at M3 Linked

About JAQUELINE HERNANDEZ Jaqueline Hernandez is Executive Director at M3 Linked for the Palo Alto and Washington DC Areas.  Prior to joining M3 Linked she ran a business development consultancy ...
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Bill Danko

Bill Danko on Richer Than A Millionaire

About BILL DANKO Bill: Around 1910, both sets of my grandparents emigrated to the US, one set from Poland, my father's side, and one set from Lithuania- my mother's side ...
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Mitzi Perdue

The War on Human Trafficking

About MITZI PERDUE Transcript: Alan: When you think of slavery, stereotype image of African Americans working southern plantations may come to mind. However, slavery is far more wide spread than ...
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Jason Scott

Dr. Jason Earl – Director for the Willes Center for International Entrepreneurship at BYU-Hawaii

About JASON EARL Transcript: Alan Can you share a little about your background? Jason I started down the path of engineering, ended up in corporate finance, ran a startup company, ...
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Robert Zuccaro

Robert Zuccaro – How Wall Street Reshaped America’s Destiny

About ROBERT ZUCCARO Transcript: Alan: In 2011 thousands of people gathered in the New York’s Financial district the to protest. The movement became known as, Occupy Wall Street. At the ...
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Robert Wood

Robert Wood – Founder of Wood LLP

About ROBERT WOOD Transcript: Alan A lot of time Personal Injury Lawsuits are taken on a contingent fee basis. When a person is awarded great lawsuit settlement, oftentimes after the ...
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George McGehrin

George McGherin of The McGehrin Group

About GEORGE MCGEHRIN About George McGhehrin For close to 20 years, George has run a national executive search/recruiting firm mostly dealing with executive search and leadership at the C-Suite level ...
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Derek Lobo

Derek Lobo of SVN Rock Advisors

About DEREK LOBO About Derek Lobo Derek Lobo is the CEO & Broker of Record of SVN Rock Advisors Inc., Brokerage, a boutique commercial real estate firm with an exclusive ...
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Doug Carey

Doug Carey: Carey & Associates Insurance Services

About DOUG CAREY About Doug Carey Doug Carey is the founder of Carey & Associates Insurance Services,  an independent insurance agency specializing in Medicare Solutions. Doug works with most major ...
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Karen Schmeiser

Karen Schmeiser: Journey of Faith

About Karen schmeiser About Karen Schmeiser Karen’s philosophy, as demonstrated in her art, is that “anything in life worth doing requires the heart, might, mind and soul”. Following the tradition ...
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Prasad Kaipa

Prasad Kaipa: Spiritually Connecting with Others

About PRASAD KAIPA About Prasad Kaipa In his journey spanning decades, Prasad has been an author, leadership coach, adviser and researcher. Amidst changing roles, the only constant in his life ...
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Mark Eaton

Mark Eaton: Strengthening Remote Team

About MARK EATON Transcript: Alan  Can you share about your background?   Mark  Well, yeah, I can. I'm a former NBA player, I've played in the NBA for 12 years ...
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Charles Sullivan

Charles Sullivan- A Legacy of Football, Entertainment & Medicine

About CHARLES SULLIVAN About Charles Sullivan: Charles Sullivan Co-produced the first Super Bowl as the representative of the American Football League and also co-edited the first Super Bowl program. Captain ...
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Jory Mack

Jory Mack- Reno Solar

About JORY MACK About Jory Mack Jory is a co-owner in Reno Solar and an all-around entrepreneur. He specializes in management and team Building. Jory has his bachelor’s degree in ...
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Tyson Johnson

The Six Pack Dad Tribe

About TYSON JOHNSON About Tyson Johnson Tyson Johnson, is the founder of The Six Pack Dad Tribe, a wellness consulting company dedicated to helping dads to losing weight and taking ...
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Alan Brown

Life’s Wisdom, with Alan Brown Movie Producer

About ALAN BROWN About Alan Brown: Alan R. Brown began his career in the entertainment industry more than thirty years ago. After attending Seattle University, he started as a production ...
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Rob Riggle

Rob Riggle on American Dreams

About ROB RIGGLE Comedian, actor and United States Marine Corps Reserve Lieutenant Colonel Robert Allen Riggle, Jr. was born April 21, 1970 in Louisville, Kentucky, to Sandra (Shrout) and Robert ...
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Building a Billion Dollar Company Rob Ryan

Building a $24 billion company using the Sunflower Model | Rob Ryan

About ROB RYAN Rob Ryan founded Ascend Communications in 1989. Rob served as President, CEO, and Chairman of Ascend, taking it public Friday the thirteenth of May, 1994, at $13.00 ...
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