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Alan Olsen: Welcome back. I’m here today with Laurie glory. She is a songwriter, producer and entertainer of several inspirational Christian music, music, and welcome to the show.

Lori Glori: Thank you for having me.

Alan Olsen: So Laurie, give me your back on how did you move into the role of writing songs and entertaining and doing what you do?

Lori Glori: Well, you know, since I, when I started out, talking, I knew that I wanted to be a singer. I was all the time right around the house scene. And we had me and my three sisters had a gospel singing group, my mother was a great singer as well. And she would teach us. And then as I got older, I started seeing the top 40, bands and clubs. And then I got the opportunity to travel around the world. And that’s when I wrote my first song. And that’s where it all began. And then I ended up in Germany and ended up staying over there for about 30 years, going back and forth and had a lot of opportunity to sing on some very dried some music for some very big stars over there in Europe.

Alan Olsen: So out of all the songs you’ve done, which is most memorable or meaningful to you,

Lori Glori: The one that I’m doing right now, my new my new EP shine, that is the my best writing that I’ve done. I feel like

Alan Olsen: and is that tell tell me more about shine? How did that come about?

Lori Glori: Okay, well, you know, let me I’m gonna tell you what happened, my voice got stolen from me, and went triple platinum. Over there in Germany and artists, big time star over there. We went into the studio and did a collaboration. And I signed a piece of paper that I didn’t know I was signing away all my rights. And the end result of that was all the songs that I sung in the studio went triple platinum, and he used another woman to lip sync to my voice. And at that point, I got very depressed and actually didn’t want to say anymore and just gave up wanting to just give up. And by the grace of dad, he brought me out of that depression. And the songs that I wrote on the My new EP, are inspired by that what happened?

Alan Olsen: You know, it’s interesting in life, sometimes we were taking a path down one road. And then situations happen as this one did. Yeah. And then that discouragement brings out lessons of life. That’s right. And so and so now you you’ve come back to the US,

Lori Glori: I’ve come back to you as an and I’m having my first concert on Saturday. And where’s this going to Allen temple, Allen temple in Oakland. It’s a very, very big church, one of the biggest in the Bay Area. And so I’m, you know, I’m really excited about can anybody attend. It’s actually it’s a women’s conference, but anybody pretty much can come. It was terrible that it’s at three o’clock in the afternoon, Allen temple, Ella Tebow, and we do some of that. I’m gonna do all my new music and my new EP. Yeah, so I’m looking forward to that. And it’s gonna be you know, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a performance in the United States. And so, because I’ve been traveling, touring Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria. And so it feels good to be here and be able to because this is where it all began for me.

Alan Olsen: So are you did you grew up here in Oakland, and I

Lori Glori: grew up in Daly City? Oh, really? Yeah. Well, San Francisco, you

Alan Olsen: and I have in common? It really? I grew up in Daly City. I went to Westmore High School. Well, that was that was down the street. We were neighbors. It’s not fun it is. So when you sang. You’ve signed with the number of performers over the years. And is there anyone that you recorded with it kind of stands out more than another?

Lori Glori: There was one artists and her name is Jennifer rush and she wrote the she was the actual singer of Celine Dion’s power of power of love. But it was a mega hit for Jennifer rush in Europe before Celine got a hold of the song. And that’s how I really got a chance to really do big tours like Buckingham Palace. Same kind of the coin. So that was the experience being Jennifer.

Alan Olsen: Wow. So I’m visiting here today with Laurie glory. She’s a singer songwriter and producer Laurie, I need to take a quick break. And we’ll be right back after these messages. I love fishing with my family.

Lori Glori: I think it’d be easier to use a net, it was so much fun.

Alan Olsen: The times when we are together, it makes it all, all the more worth it. Having dad, teach them how to like cast a fly rod. And as long as we’re doing stuff together, we’re having fun. Some people see a father and his son fishing together, while others see a succession plan.

Alan Olsen: Welcome back, I’m here today with Laurie flirty. She’s a singer, songwriter, producer, entertainer, and we’ve been talking about the pathway of how you moved into this industry. Obviously, you’re gifted and talented, several platinum albums. What are some of the dreams that you have in life?

Lori Glori: Well, my dream right now is through the, through all the things that I’ve gone through, down the years, I’ve had to find my way back to Jesus. And let’s talk about my faith a little bit. I love the Lord and He saved me. And so now I have, I’m starting a ministry called Loving God Ministries. And the Lord has given me a vision to open up a prayer center. And so if you visit my website, loving God, it will. You can see everything the vision is their vision is written down. And also within that within that vision is a recovery home called the glory house, which will be a Christian home for women, battered women. Anybody who has gone through some things in life and just need a place to get away a safe place. And that’s also one of my, my goals that I’m working on right now my dreams. And all that information is on my website. And that your website is Laurie, more loving living on my my website is Lorie And my ministry website is loving God

Alan Olsen: You know, I admire you for the way that you’re giving back and helping to lift the challenges and burdens that other people suffer in life.

Lori Glori: You know, I had, I was on the street for a long time when my voice got stolen from me. And I was really out there. You know, I was for about seven years. I couldn’t get back on my feet. And then then the Lord, he brought me back again. So I’m thankful for that. And I’ll never forget.

Alan Olsen: What was the turning point of that? How did he How did he bring you back?

Lori Glori: Well, I’m gonna tell you, Aaron Allen. He sat me down in jail. That’s how he did it. That was the only way that I could hear his voice. And that’s where’s the song’s inspiration for this one? My very first, this is my testimony CD. Show me the way. That’s where that was written in Santa Rita.

Alan Olsen: Oh, my gosh. So you did this while you were showing me the way where you hid inside

Lori Glori: my thinking. That’s right. That’s right. So that’s my testimony CD. And another thing is that I have a book. It’s not yet in the book English. Okay. This is from German. It’s the best seller in Germany right now. So I’m working on to right now get it published in English in America and American language. And the book is really selling really well. And so, and the movies in planning and a musical I’ve already started on and there’s a lot of things going on, you got to check out, Laurie

Alan Olsen: Glory, glory, glory, in the few minutes that we have here. How do you encourage others to obtain their dreams of life?

Lori Glori: Just don’t give up. If you give up on your dream. You die and I’m 55 years old. Okay. And you’re young 55 Thank you, thank you, thank you. God is preserved me for for His purpose. And so I just say Never give up. And many times. People come and say, Oh, you’ve been trying that for so long. Just forget it. Just. It’s just don’t give up on your dream because that’s something that the God has put inside of you. He’s giving you that vision. He’s giving you that dream. He’s gonna make it come to reality.

Alan Olsen: I’ve been busy here today with Laurie glory she is a songwriter, singer entertainer. For more information on Lord glory go to her website, Laurie. Glory dotnet that’s Laurie with an eye and glory with an eye.

Lori Glori: That’s right dotnet

Alan Olsen: Lori, thanks for being able to do so.

Lori Glori: Thank you for having me.


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    Lori Glori on Alan Olsen's American Dreams Radio
    Lori Glori

    Lori Glori has sung all over the world, from San Francisco to Buckingham Palace, however it wasn’t until she had her voice stolen, and had it go triple platinum, that she was able to find God…

    At a very young age Lori started singing Gospel music in her hometown of San Francisco. She went on to be the front female vocalist for Bill Summers and Summers Heat with the hit songs: “Call It What You Want”, “Straight To The Bank”, “Jam The Box”, “At The Concert” and more. Later, the group went on to do a major European tour at the end of which Lori opted to stay in Europe.

    While in Europe she teamed up with Dance Music Productions (DMP), where Lori Glori became one of the first artists to kick off the era of Euro Dance, the new sound of the 90s. She entered the era with the song “Intermission”, and soon after, with her powerful voice and electrifying stage presence, landed in the Top 100 charts, with a peak position of 8. She went on to help create the songs “Six Days”, as well as “Give Peace A Chance” and “Piece of my Heart”. All this leading up to a collaboration with Dj Bobo.

    Lori Glori became the voice behind the many Hits of Dj Bobo, such as “Let the Dream Come”, “There’s a Party”, “Shadows of the Night”, “Pray”, “Respect Yourself”, and many more, all of which went triple Platinum. However, after working with Bobo, Lori made the decision to return back to her roots in Gospel music and God.

    Now she travels the world as a motivational speaker and singer, sharing her incredible life saving, and heart touching testimony of how God brought her back from the edge, and is guiding her in her life today.

    Recently, Lori recently finished recording her latest album “Show Me The Way” which focuses on her testimony of God’s influence on her in her life.

    Lori is now available to do Concerts, Conferences, Seminars, and Workshops.

    To listen to Lori Glori’s music look her up on iTunes, Amazon, or visit her website.

    Alan Olsen on Alan Olsen's American Dreams Radio
    Alan Olsen

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