Nuraxi Holdings: Pioneering the Future of Health and Longevity with Sparrow Rogers, Serial Entrepreneur

Introducing Nuraxi Holdings

Nuraxi Holdings, a trailblazing venture operating in stealth mode, is at the forefront of unraveling the enigma of longevity. Our journey takes us through the intricate landscape of biomedical research, advanced AI models, and an unprecedented dataset that disrupts the norm. With an unwavering commitment, we strive to decode the mysteries of human resilience, revolutionizing the longevity sector by not only extending years but enhancing the overall quality of life. Our focus lies in cognitive longevity and the pursuit of lasting happiness.

The name Nuraxi signifies longevity and finds inspiration in the ancient civilizations of Sardinia, Italy. Our mission is to share unique knowledge that empowers individuals to lead longer, happier lives through the integration of proven daily nutrients and beneficial lifestyle choices. Born as a food company rooted in the traditions of Sardinia, we take immense pride in offering meticulously crafted supplements that are accessible to individuals worldwide. Our goal is to ensure that good health is a shared experience that transcends borders and barriers. Welcome to NuraxiHealth, the intelligent path to embarking on a long and healthy life journey.

Are you ready for the impending revolution in healthcare? Gone are the days of hoping or guessing at ways to live healthier and longer. Nuraxi Holdings is building a revolutionary new engine that puts control over aging firmly in your hands. Join us as we pave the way for a brighter, healthier future.

    Sparrow Rogers on Alan Olsen's American Dreams Radio
    Sparrow Rogers

    Sparrow Rogers was born and raised on a homestead in Alaska where, at 17 yrs. old she went to work in the US Senate after being the first high school graduate in her family.

    Sparrow has more than two decades of experience starting, growing, and exiting companies in the health and wellness space. In 1999, at the age of 22 Sparrow was the co-founder of, a venture-backed company that addressed the issue of food deserts by creating the first online delivery platform. From there, Sparrow was featured on programs like ABC News and invited to join industry leaders like the Secretary of Health and Human Services due to her role as founder of MdTrex Corporation (dba, the first international “PPO” that allowed uninsured individuals to access qualified facilities abroad at a fraction of the cost of receiving care in the US. After the sale of MdTrex, Sparrow became involved in the business of endurance sports, which was sold in 2016 to IRONMAN. As blockchain emerged as a technological frontier, Sparrow expanded her expertise and became a consultant for Toronto-based exchange Coinchange as well as several venture capital funds based in the US and Europe. In 2022, Sparrow co-founded Nuraxi Holdings, Inc. whose mission is to slow aging, improve healthspan and empower individuals to determine their own longevity.

    Alan Olsen on Alan Olsen's American Dreams Radio
    Alan Olsen

    Alan is managing partner at Greenstein, Rogoff, Olsen & Co., LLP, (GROCO) and is a respected leader in his field. He is also the radio show host to American Dreams. Alan’s CPA firm resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and serves some of the most influential Venture Capitalist in the world. GROCO’s affluent CPA core competency is advising High Net Worth individual clients in tax and financial strategies. Alan is a current member of the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (S.I.E.P.R.) SIEPR’s goal is to improve long-term economic policy. Alan has more than 25 years of experience in public accounting and develops innovative financial strategies for business enterprises. Alan also serves on President Kim Clark’s BYU-Idaho Advancement council. (President Clark lead the Harvard Business School programs for 30 years prior to joining BYU-idaho. As a specialist in income tax, Alan frequently lectures and writes articles about tax issues for professional organizations and community groups. He also teaches accounting as a member of the adjunct faculty at Ohlone College.

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