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Alan Olsen: Welcome back. I’m visiting here today with Scott Savlov. He’s a television executive producer, welcome to today’s show. Good to see Alan. Scott, you’ve done a lot of things in your life. But for the listeners, can you bring us a quick update of what you’ve projects you’ve worked on in the past.


Scott Savlov: I started creating TV shows in sports. And that basically is fulfilling my own, either fantasy or passion of being in an environment where I can have fun. Being an enthusiast of sports, whether it be baseball, football, basketball, golf, allows me to get creative. And so I’ve created shows that I would want to watch whether they be culinary based. Golf, has been the impetus of the shows, predominantly, but celebrity by bucket list was a show that I created. And when people ask me, why did you create that show? or How did you create that show? The best part was the celebrities would pick five items of what they would want to do. And then I would pick the one item that I would want to do, and we would kind of do that journey together. So for me, it’s fulfilling passion and passion of what you do.


Alan Olsen: You went to school in majored in broadcasting. So coming out of school and getting your first call a gig, it had actually get the doors open and say I want to this is I want to do sports broadcasting or what was your first project here?


Scott Savlov:  Well, my first gig was a little bit lucky. And I think anytime, as many students coming out of broadcasting school to become a sportscaster and weather person, things like that anchor, the heart element is getting the job. Because everyone has the same qualifications. Some are even better. I think a lot of it comes down to luck. A lot of it is the right place at the right time. I happen to have applied for a job with the CBS affiliate in West Palm Beach when someone else was fired, and I just happened to be there. I knew enough talking points to get myself in the door and try to be as likable as possible and and sometimes it’s better days than others. And I just happened to have been at the right place at the right time.


Alan Olsen: Now you doing a lot with the Ryder Cup right now?


Scott Savlov:  You know golf has been very good to me. And I try to embrace it. Being around celebrities, the PGA of American European tour, we’re looking to enhance their branding make it more appealing to a younger generation and non golfers. So they asked me and jointly I came to them saying what about doing a celebrity match. And so for the Ryder Cup in 2016, and Hazel team, we created celebrity match in the 11th hour and it came off and 50,000 people were in attendance watching and then last year, fortunate enough to do it again in Paris. And so that was the success. We had some very good celebrities that were kind enough to come on board and passionately be a part of it. And next year at Kohler whistling straits, we’ll do it again. And, and then this year, I’m doing the Presidents cup, which is the PGA Tour’s international competition, and I’m doing the celebrity match for the Presidents cup in Australia, where I’ve never been before. So, again, coming back to my little fantasy of fulfilling going location new and exciting.


Alan Olsen: Yeah, we hear about the, you know, putting on the golf events. But it it really takes a lot of planning, doesn’t it? It does, and how much? How much is your typical lead time to get a production together?


Scott Savlov:  Well, if you’re doing the production yourself, generally, the idea of it takes nine months, you can execute and come up with a show in a matter of months, two months, three months. But the financial components have to be all the boxes have to be checked. The celebrities have to fit the criteria of all your sponsors. Because demographically, you want to make sure that everyone feels comfortable with the people that you have. And those people have to reflect well, and speak well for those brands attached to an event. So there’s a little planning, it’s not just luck. And then you have to have a little luck, somebody’s got to be available for you. That gives it the wow factor. And so I’ve been kind of fortunate and getting some people that create those wow factors.


Alan Olsen: Do you find that? Do you often joint venture with other people or?


Scott Savlov: Yeah, I mean by joint venture partnering enhances your ability to find partners who have a vision. And for me, I love hearing what other people want to do. And it kind of snowballs the creative, the creative part of my brain, and it kicks into gear. And so I love partner with people.


Alan Olsen: You’ve done some add, some of your partners are celebrities,


Scott Savlov:  Yes, I partnered for me, a friend who is one of the more creative folks out there. Kurt Russell is an example of somebody wanting we we’ve been pursuing doing a show that we created. Kurt and his son Wyatt came up with an idea for a show. And we collaborate. And my fondest memories of working with Kurt, as an example, was sitting at a at a diner, and kicking around the idea of what would appeal to people. And when you’re listening to someone who’s been in the industry for 15 years, a lot of times I have nothing to bring to the table. But when you hear the passion that he has, that kind of collaborative effort just comes naturally.


Alan Olsen: What’s your next project coming up?


Scott Savlov: I am going to Switzerland, which is you know, for a lot of people dream come true. And for me, I work with the brand omega masters came to me and said how do we enhance our brand? we’re up against the FedEx cup in the US we can’t seem to get different people? And how do we enhance our brand with celebrities? Can you help us and you want to pay me to go to Switzerland in the Alps, bring celebrities and make them have a fun time. Not a hard tour. So this is our third year we’re doing it as a big pro AM. We’re attaching the brand ambassadors for omega. And so therefore you have the responsibility of making sure for the mega brand who would fit that criteria. So we have celebrities coming and those celebrities make my life fine because it’s I’m just living that dream of them going to Switzerland and I just happen to be there.


Alan Olsen: Scott, a person wants to reach out and run a project by you is it potential opportunity to join picture? How would they go ahead and reach you?


Scott Savlov: You know, I don’t have a website. I’m old school I guess my kids tell me that my wife tells me that. Usually it’s it’s word of mouth. It’s people put me put them in contact with me. And I like being on the phone or meeting in person. The texting and the emailing. It works. It doesn’t work for me understanding what somebody’s passion is and if they want to make it happen with me they they generally go the old school way. Hey, can I meet you for a cup of coffee? Can we get on the phone and talk about it? Pretty simple. Very good.


Alan Olsen: Let’s got you appreciate you being here with us today on American Dreams. Thanks, Alan. Appreciate it. Okay, thank you



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