Using Your Money for Positive Change with Founder of Stickney Research

Using Your Money for Positive Change, with Founder of Stickney Research

Warren Stickney is the founder and principal of Stickney Research, a firm that specializes in the design and implementation of net income makeup charitable remainder trusts (NIMCRT). In this interview, he discusses his passion on how to use your money for positive change in your life and community. He also shares his thoughts on charitable partnerships as a way to offset tax on stock grants/stock options, and ladder bonds as a retirement strategy.

Your Money, Net Income Makeup Charitable Remainder Trusts (NIMCRT)

What is a NIMCRT? A NIMCRT is a type of trust that allows you to make a charitable donation and receive income from the trust for life or for a term of years, with the remainder going to the charity of your choice. There are many benefits to using a NIMCRT, including the potential to increase your income, reduce your taxes, and make a difference in the lives of others.

A NIMCRT can help you make a difference in two ways. First, by allowing you to give more money to the charitable organizations of your choice. Second, by providing you with an income for life or for a term of years, which can be used to support yourself and your family.

Positive change by partnering with local and national charities to offset tax on stock grants/stock options

Warren supports partnering with local and national charities in the private sector in order to offset the tax on stock grants and stock options for charitable endeavors. He believes that this is a great way to use your money for charitable giving to make a lasting impact in the lives of others. Charitable giving empowers the giver and those who receive. Developing a support structure through charities is the best way to make sure an active philanthropist can make sure their money has direct influence to meaningful impact.

Ladder Bonds for A Retirement Strategy

Ladder bonds are a type of bond that allows you to spread your investment out over a number of years. This can help you reduce the risk of losing money if the market takes a downturn. It can also help you generate a steady stream of income during retirement.

Laddering bonds is a retirement strategy that can provide you with stability and income during retirement. “Bonds are a great way to supplement your income during retirement,” says Stickney. “By laddering them, you can create a stream of income that is reliable and predictable.”

Using Your Money to Build Charitable Organizations rather than using it to pay taxes

Warren Stickney believes that using your money to build charitable organizations is a much better use of your money than using it to pay taxes. “When you make a donation to a charity, you are not only helping the organization, but you are also helping yourself by reducing your taxes. It’s a win-win situation.”


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    Warren Stickney on Alan Olsen's American Dreams Radio
    Warren Stickney

    Founder and Principal Warren Stickney is passionate about serving people. Prior to founding Stickney Research in 1996,Warren headed the Estate Planning Division for six years at a Fortune 100 financial services company.

    The company was founded on a desire to help people fulfill their dreams and a passion for solving complex financial problems. Warren wanted to create a company small enough to be selective about the client relationships that the organization commits to serving.

    Continuing education is also a cornerstone of the Stickney Research practice. Warren believes in all staff, as well as the client, having a thorough understanding of concepts and solutions implemented.

    From classes on the teachings of Socrates at the Aspen Institute to The Economist forums, Warren spends over 60 days a year on continuing education to broaden his knowledge and offer clients a holistic approach to problem solving.

    He believes that knowledge is empowering and is intent on passing that power on to his clients to understand their financial past, present and future. Warren has a unique ability to take complex financial, business and estate planning concepts and simplify them for his clients.

    In addition to his quest for knowledge, he is also passionate about his charitable endeavors. An active philanthropist, Warren supports several charitable organizations in the Puget Sound area and the US.

    He is has served for the past 10 years on the Board of Directors of the Pike Place Market Foundation and Anderson Ranch Foundation. Through his participation in the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) Foundation, Warren has secured donations and grants for local and national charities.
    Warren’s Professional affiliations include the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA), Top of the Round Table and International Forum, and he has also been granted lifetime membership in MDRT and TOT, the Premier Associations of Financial Professionals.

    Warren has authored several reports and articles which have appeared in the Eastside Journal, the Seattle PI, and Physicians NW Magazine. He is a noted speaker to NAIFA, the Estate Planning Council, and various philanthropic organizations.

    Warren’s hobbies include music, skiing and travel and he enjoys spending time with his family.

    Alan Olsen on Alan Olsen's American Dreams Radio
    Alan Olsen

    Alan is managing partner at Greenstein, Rogoff, Olsen & Co., LLP, (GROCO) and is a respected leader in his field. He is also the radio show host to American Dreams. Alan’s CPA firm resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and serves some of the most influential Venture Capitalist in the world. GROCO’s affluent CPA core competency is advising High Net Worth individual clients in tax and financial strategies. Alan is a current member of the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (S.I.E.P.R.) SIEPR’s goal is to improve long-term economic policy. Alan has more than 25 years of experience in public accounting and develops innovative financial strategies for business enterprises. Alan also serves on President Kim Clark’s BYU-Idaho Advancement council. (President Clark lead the Harvard Business School programs for 30 years prior to joining BYU-idaho. As a specialist in income tax, Alan frequently lectures and writes articles about tax issues for professional organizations and community groups. He also teaches accounting as a member of the adjunct faculty at Ohlone College.

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