Tax Exemption Legislation Could Be Good News for Political Donors

The Republican lead Congress recently passed some new legislation – without garnering much attention at all – that could be a big boon for major donors of political organizations and groups. The bill could protect big donors from having to pay gift taxes on their large donations to these political groups.

The bill, which is headed to the senate, could make way for even more donations in coming years from nonprofit groups that are registered as 501(c) groups, especially in 2016, the country’s next presidential year. Right now, it appears that these big donors rarely pay taxes on their large donations, but as it currently stands the law does not offer specific protection from being assessed with gift taxes. That fact makes some donors a little nervous that the IRS could come knocking.

However, the new piece of legislation that Congress just recently passed would make it clear that gift taxes would not apply to groups that are registered under the Tax Code sections 501(c)4, (c)5 or (c)6. That means most of the big donor organizations that are registered under these sections would be immune from paying gift taxes.

This would obviously be good news for the many ultra-wealthy individuals who are deeply involved in politics and political movements. By having assurances that their donations would never be subject to the gift tax, the amount of money they can donate could increase even more.

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