Family Legacy 101

Building Extraordinary Family Legacy 101

The family “Legacy Builder” conference was a huge success!  The next conference will be in mid-May…

This was the inaugural “how to” strategically build a family legacy event.

On January 25, 2024, single and multi-family offices and high-net-worth individuals from around the world learned how to create a family legacy. Legacy Builder guests shared examples of how their FOs have made the world a significantly better place while simultaneously perpetuating family core values.

The invitation-only event united famed philanthropists, visionaries, and experts from diverse fields at the historic Hayes Mansion in San Jose, CA to discuss how results-driven philanthropy can build legacies and generational core values.

Was the family legacy event impactful?

Judge for yourself, here’s a link to testimonials.  Objectively, the event was a remarkable triumph in living legacy and succession planning education.  It was sponsored by GROCO Family Office Advisors and Impact Venture Capital.  Look for the next conference in mid-May, 2024.

With the goal of strategically reducing poverty with sustainable solutions, this one-day conference provided attendees with an unparalleled opportunity to immerse themselves in learning about intelligent philanthropy.

Extraordinary Speakers & Discussion Panels

Renowned keynote speakers and industry leaders delivered profound insights into various philanthropic landscapes, the five essential components for crafting a personalized legacy, and the paramount importance of succession preparation.

The inaugural “Legacy Builders” (LB1) was meticulously designed to ensure participants departed with a profound understanding and practical strategies for creating enduring and meaningful legacies.

Host, Alan Olsen, CPA, MBA

Host, Alan Olsen, CPA, MBA skillfully created an atmosphere that paved the way for enduring relationships. The conference featured an illustrious lineup of speakers: Dame Sheila Driscoll, boasting over 150 years of generational wealth and family legacy, delivered two compelling talks.

She also provided an action guide booklet, offering attendees a jumpstart in building their family traditions, contemplating succession planning, generational wealth, and crafting their unique legacies.




Dame Sheila Driscoll

The conference included two distinct panel discussions. The first featured Ann Christensen, CEO of the Clayton Christensen Institute, Pamela Hawley, Founder and CEO of Universal Giving, along with DeAnne and Mark Stidham, founders of LuLaRoe.

Both panels brimmed with engaging insights and discussions. Ann and Pamela issued a compelling call to action, encouraging attendees not only to write checks but also to become hands-on volunteers, gaining firsthand insights into the impact of their contributions.



Jaqueline Hernandez, DeAnne & Mark Stidham

The Stidhams shared valuable insights into their entrepreneurial business model, centered on fostering self-reliance, providing opportunities, and granting financial freedom.

Aldo Carrascoso, CEO, and co-founder of ViVum Computing spoke. Known for creating three unicorn companies, each surpassing the billion-dollar revenue. Aldo delved into the realm of AI and its implications for the future of economics and employment, challenging conventional beliefs and paving a unique path forward.

Famed entrepreneurs and philanthropists Mike Murray of Apple and Microsoft and Bob Gay, former Managing Partner of Bain Capital also spoke. They captivated the audience with their journey, culminating in their collaboration on economic self-empowerment.

Together, they established Unitus Labs, which has since evolved into a global leader and accelerator in micro-finance, venture capital, investment banking, and social impact funds, lifting millions of individuals and families out of poverty.

To conclude the conference on a triumphant note, Eric Ball, Founding General Partner of Impact Venture Capital, spoke about impact investing through venture vehicles.

New Relationships

Throughout the day, attendees engaged in thought-provoking discussions, immersive breakouts, and invaluable introductions, fostering meaningful relationships.

The inaugural event underscored the paramount importance of quantifying philanthropic impact on society and equipped participants with the knowledge and tools to measure the societal value of their contributions effectively.

Educational Takeaways

The day’s theme, “Legacy Builders,” delivered precisely that — a blueprint for crafting enduring legacies extending beyond the third generation.

“We aimed to create a conference that not only educates but also inspires and empowers individuals to make a meaningful difference in the world by building lasting legacies and embracing philanthropy,” stated Alan Olsen, the event’s host.

Alan summarized; “The Legacy Builders Inaugural Conference was an unequivocal triumph, fostering collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment to shaping a brighter future.”

The conference tackled challenging topics, including navigating philanthropy’s fraud challenges, while also inspiring participants to explore their sense of purpose through legacy-building.

Attendees left with the ability to design their future with intention, using philanthropy as a potent tool for personal and community transformation.

Furthermore, the event stressed the importance of connecting with like-minded individuals who share a passion for making a meaningful difference in the world. Attendees were encouraged to forge new opportunities for impactful collaboration that transcended the confines of the conference.

From a prominent FO attendee: “I’m grateful for the knowledge, inspiration, and connections I’ve gained at the Legacy Builders Inaugural Conference,”. “This event has redefined my approach to philanthropy and left me with a profound sense of purpose.”

As the conference drew to a close, participants departed with a renewed sense of purpose and an unwavering commitment to continue their philanthropic journey, applying the insights and connections they gained throughout the week.

Build your own extraordinary family legacy.

We hope the “How to” steps shared will help you and other attendees build their very own extraordinary family legacy!

For additional information about the Legacy Builders next conference in mid-May, 2024 and future events, please visit Legacy Builder 2024 – Advisors to the Ultra Affluent (

About Legacy Builders:

The Legacy Builders Conference is a prestigious family office conference held quarterly, that brings together ultra-high-net-worth affluent individuals and families, philanthropists, thought leaders, and experts to explore the dynamic landscape of legacy-building, generational succession planning, and purpose-driven giving.

Our mission is to inspire, educate, and empower individuals to make a profound impact on the world by providing a comprehensive suite of advisory solutions addressing every facet of creating a resilient, enduring legacy.

To bring this exciting event to a full circle, the GROCO family office advisors are excited to announce the upcoming LB2 Conference is scheduled for mid-May, where we will once again bring together leaders and visionaries to dive deeper into the art of legacy-building and purpose-driven philanthropy. Secure your spot today and RSVP early to ensure your seat at this exclusive event, as seating is limited.

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