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Applying Your Talents | Shirley Ross Davis



Shirley Ross Davis: “We all have talents, associate them and don’t be afraid. I was never schooled in cooking or interior decorating or art- but I was a good cook, What did I do? I looked at Escoffier and saw common denominators and I never thought I shouldn’t do it. And the same thing applied to interior design and the same thing applied to art. Your heart says something between a piece of art if you’re so inclined as does your eye, you can always learn about it later.

You know the perimeters and what is acceptable and what is current, but what I’m really saying is, be the individual that you are and take a chance on that.”


Shirley Ross Davis on Alan Olsen's American Dreams Radio
Shirley Ross Davis

Shirley Ross Davis, American Art collector. Trustee San Francisco Museum Modern Art, since 1986; president Collectors’ Art Forum, San Francisco, 1983-1985.
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Alan Olsen on Alan Olsen's American Dreams Radio
Alan Olsen

Alan is managing partner at Greenstein, Rogoff, Olsen & Co., LLP, (GROCO) and is a respected leader in his field. He is also the radio show host to American Dreams. Alan’s CPA firm resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and serves some of the most influential Venture Capitalist in the world. GROCO’s affluent CPA core competency is advising High Net Worth individual clients in tax and financial strategies. Alan is a current member of the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (S.I.E.P.R.) SIEPR’s goal is to improve long-term economic policy. Alan has more than 25 years of experience in public accounting and develops innovative financial strategies for business enterprises. Alan also serves on President Kim Clark’s BYU-Idaho Advancement council. (President Clark lead the Harvard Business School programs for 30 years prior to joining BYU-idaho. As a specialist in income tax, Alan frequently lectures and writes articles about tax issues for professional organizations and community groups. He also teaches accounting as a member of the adjunct faculty at Ohlone College.

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