Dental Business Success Unveiled by Kevin Kremer

Dr. Kevin Kremer, Founder & CEO of Kremer Leadership Institute discusses unveiling success in the dental business on Alan Olsen‘s American Dreams Show.

Dental Business Success


Alan Olsen

Welcome to American Dreams. My guest today is Kevin Kremer, Kevin Kevin, welcome to today’s show.


Kevin Kremer

Thanks, Alan. Thanks for having me.


Alan Olsen

So Kevin, you’re a dentist that you also met your other dentists in the field. Could you share the story of what led up you wanting to help? And coach other dentists?


Kevin Kremer

It kind of came on to me organically and, and I think having that mindset of continual growth, where, when I graduated from dental school, it wasn’t the end where Oh, now I know everything I need to know to be a professional, it was okay, what else can I learn, and looking at areas of the industry that are going to have the significant most significant impact, because I really believe that our recompense and what we receive, or our level of abundance is in exchange for the value we provide to society.

So I learned a lot of advanced techniques in cosmetic dentistry and implant reconstructions and started performing that and then I, as they will to go along with clinical skills, you need to have a great facility that represents your brand. Okay, so we built our, our dream facility. And then to have that we have to have go along with the clinical skills in the great facility, we have to have great customer service.

So we started learning about the Ritz Carlton approach, and ladies and gentlemen, and calling our patients, our guests and training our teams on that. And so as as we developed our craft in this industry in dentistry, other people started talking, and some of our sales reps would come into the office and go, Hey, a doc over there was talking about your guys’s way of doing things, and they’re really interested.

And so other dentists started coming and say, Hey, could you just acquire our business and help us run it because you’ve developed these clinical practices, you develop the service. And along with that, we also had the the business side of looking at the running the business and managing the financials, where we look at both the customer, the culture, the team and the company in a relationship where all three of those are winning.

Other dentists started requesting if I would acquire their business and run it for them, and so it happened organically. And then it started growing and building from there. And from that, we realized, well, people from other industries would ask me questions, and that these principles of business success apply to all industries, not just dentistry. And sometimes you can pick up pearls and nuggets from other industries, because people are looking at things from a slightly different perspective.

So that’s how I kind of got into overall business mentoring and coaching, and also coaching individuals. Because as you know, Alan, some people might have a thriving business and have really good financial success, but then they’re really struggling maybe on their physical health, or their their personal well being or their relationships. And so making sure we keep a balance in those areas. So there’s total abundance and where we want to be in life that’s different for everyone.


Alan Olsen

You know, you, as you got through this, I’m sure that you’ve been able to learn a lot back, I understand you have a book coming out called Quantum accountability. And what exactly is quantum accountability? And how do you see it being applied in leadership?


Kevin Kremer

Yeah, that’s a great question. So you know, regardless of whether we’re in health care, dentistry, or any other environment, in business, success comes really down to our mindset. And it comes down to our belief systems, and where did those come from. So we build that mindset based upon how we grew up, who were around, maybe our mentors, which our primary mentors in life are our parents.

And then as we grow, who we choose to spend time with our peer group, the other mentors we choose, and then the knowledge we choose to take in and develop what we believe to be as truths, which dictate our, our direction or actions we take in life.

So our levels of success and all of the choices we make in life are basically foundationally built on our mindset and quantum accountability, that quantum is that it’s non physical, it’s the things we can’t see, which are those thoughts that the conversations and that forming the culmination of that mindset.

And the accountability is starting with understanding we have to take ownership and responsibility for that because our actions we choose in life are based upon what our mindset is, and it’s up to us to be successful based upon that premise.


Alan Olsen

What is summon the most common struggles that you encounter.


Kevin Kremer

Well is you know, if you look on on a basic level in look at like different types of mindsets, some, some can be effective, and some can be ineffective. So for example, Carol Dweck would talk about a growth versus a fixed mindset. Or we can talk about people who play the victim or in like a scarcity mindset where they’re constantly talking about, oh, poor me the struggles this didn’t work out, versus a growth mindset where you take an obstacle and you look at, okay, how can I solve this issue and turn it into an opportunity?

Right, so a lot of great successful entrepreneurs have found that gap in life and in business on Okay, what does the population what does the customer need that that is not serving them right now. And if they fill that gap, then they they create lots of success and abundance?


Alan Olsen

You know, in recent years, debt has become a major issue for dentists, particularly the new ones, how do you help them work through that issue?


Kevin Kremer

You know, it kind of goes back to a basic premises of you look at like Dave Ramsey, versus other mentors on his debt, good or bad. And some people will argue, oh, you should be debt free. And other people would argue, well, if you look at really scaling and growing, then there’s good debt out there. So the best type of debt, as we know, Alan is investing in ourself.

So whether we’re going to professional school, like dental school, and getting into debt for that, or postgraduate Lee, if we’re going on and going to different coaching programs, or this or that we see that investment, as a good thing. So if we get a good return on investment, meaning we take that debt, for self investment, and we turn it into really productive successful outcomes by contributing to society, then it’s a great investment.

So for young, young, new graduates, for young professionals, it’s about helping them see that the value in that and so they can actually continue to invest themselves and not have a mindset where they go, Oh, I’ve got all this debt, now I just need to work. And then if they freeze there, and they stop learning and growing, then their career the course of 1020 30 years is going to be significantly different than the value they provide.


Alan Olsen

So in in, in the concept of taking the leap from dental practice to business ownership is orthodontic to me. But what are some of the first steps you advise dentists to take when considering this transition?


Kevin Kremer

Well, it’s, it’s like anything else in life, it’s, it’s getting knowledge, it’s gaining knowledge, it’s learning and growing. So what you’re reading what you’re feeding your mind, as far as knowledge, it’s that discipline and choosing not to watch a streaming movie and actually reading a good book.

And then it’s also the people you know, the network, who you’re spending your time with your peers, and your mentors, and going on, just like learning, dental, trade, learning business principles, you know, whether you do in a traditional MBA program, or you align with business people in you, you you’re learning it outside of a traditional school program, it’s like gaining of knowledge.


Alan Olsen

And what are some of this significant influences that have impacted your leadership style or philosophy?


Kevin Kremer

Well, I think when you look at, at the business principles, or you knew that the rat race as some people will call it is like that, that constant growth and in in as achiever types, where we want to continually to contribute more and do more and grow, grow, grow. Sometimes people become very, very successful financially, they make a lot of money, and then all of a sudden, they stop and go, Well, wait a second, what do I do now, and then they spend all their time figuring out how they’re going to give it all back.

So it’s kind of finding that balance in life and knowing that business success and thriving in that realm is really important. But also as, as you understand, a man of family is also having balance in your relationships in your family and your, your sense of spirituality or religion and having a looking at the whole level of abundance, I think is really important. Not just let’s really be successful in business and then realize, oh, that’s, we can’t take that with us. You know,


Alan Olsen

you know, when, when you’re working with individuals or so how do people find you if they like to work with you?


Kevin Kremer

Oh, they can find me online, you know, Kramer Leadership Institute, Kramer, or my personal pages Kevin It’s KR E M er, and then they can get access to a pre launch sign up for the book that’s coming out and so just searching.


Alan Olsen

Do you do, Speaking in the areas of mentorship


Kevin Kremer

I do public speaking and then I coach individuals as well very


Alan Olsen

Good all right well Kevin I appreciate you being with us today on the show


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    Kevin Kremer on Alan Olsen's American Dreams Radio
    Kevin Kremer

    Dr. Kevin Kremer is a General Dentist and Cosmetic Dentist who has been serving the Chico community since 1999. He places a strong emphasis on Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry.

    Dr. Kremer is dedicated to providing the highest quality dental care in a comprehensive, gentle manner. He is one of Chico and Northern California’s most experienced and extensively trained dentists. Dr. Kremer is 1 of only 2% of dentists nationwide to be certified by the prestigious LVI Dental Institute. LVI is the leading dental facility for advanced training in modern dentistry.

    Dr. Kevin Kremer is a second-generation dentist. His father, Dr. Darwin Kremer practiced dentistry in the small town of Los Molinos for 45 years. Kevin resides in Chico, CA with his wife and four children.

    Dr. Kremer received his D.D.S. degree from UCLA. He was elected into the national dental honor society, Omicron Kappa Upsilon upon graduation. Kevin was a resident in the Advanced Education Program in General Dentistry during his senior year in Dental School, as well as a member in the Esthetic and Contemporary Restorative Dentistry residency. He also did research in the field of Oral Implantology while at UCLA.

    After graduating from UCLA School of Dentistry, Dr. Kremer relocated to the Bay Area, where he practiced in San Jose and Sunnyvale. He moved back to Northern California in 1999, and he began practicing dentistry in Chico, CA since then.

    Dr. Kremer can be contact at:

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