How Entrepreneurs Shine With Gino Wickman 

Gino Wickman, Founder of EOS Worldwide and author of “Shine” and “Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business” discusses How to shine as an Entrepreneur on Alan Olsen‘s American Dreams Show.



Alan Olsen

Hi, this is Alan Olsen and welcome to American Dreams. My guest today is Gino Wickman. To welcome to today’s show.


Gino Wickman

Thank you, Alan thrilled to be here.


Alan Olsen

So we’re going to we’re going to also talk about the recent release put “Shine” by Gino and in some of the things that the readers can gain the wisdom of Gino from the the insights within this book. So do you know, let’s work into a little bit about your background. I know you don’t do very many of these podcasts, you have a great network with the EOS Group. But for the listeners here, you can share how you got to where you are today.


Gino Wickman

Yeah, I’d be happy to. So I’ll tell the fastest version I can but I always like to start with I grew up a very rebellious entrepreneur in the making. So I was a mislabeled derelict in high school. And I was just simply a, an entrepreneur in the making, barely graduated high school with a solid 2.3 GPA. As my friends all went off to college, I stayed home and I just wanted to go to work and I wanted to make money. And so I then did exactly that I was making six figures.

By the time I was 23 years old, I took over a family business at 25 years old, did a big turnaround, I was able to turn it around in three years ran it for seven years, we then successfully sold it. And then I set off to pursue what I realize my true calling and passion was and that’s helping entrepreneurs. I just a guy who’s obsessed about helping entrepreneurs get everything they want out of their lives and their businesses.

And so as I did that, I went and found one entrepreneur that would help me and then another and another and another and along the way I created a system called E O S took me about five years to create it after 500 sessions and 50 clients and that system Eos, I’ve now put in a book called traction.

And so in the last 20 plus years, I have then leveraged in grown that business joined forces with a wonderful partner, Don, tinny, and shoot forward to today. sold that business five years ago, that business now has 800 EOS implementers. All over the world, I’ve written eight books that have sold almost 3 million copies. And so it’s been a pretty good run. But it’s all focused on helping entrepreneurs.

And then the last little piece of context that will kind of help the listener connect with what it is we’re about to talk about is I have created five pieces of content in the world in the last 30 years to help entrepreneurs. And so very quickly, number one is called entrepreneurial leap that helps any entrepreneur in the making, determine if they are and if they are show them how to start a better startup and increase their odds of success. The second piece of content is called rocket fuel. And that’s a concept.

It’s a visionary integrator concept I created that helps that entrepreneur grow to the next level, understand that they are a visionary entrepreneur and find their perfect integrator counterpart to take the business to the next level. The third piece of content is what we already talked about as EOS in the book traction. And that helps that entrepreneur run their business like a Swiss watch and get everything they want out of their business.

The fourth piece of content is EOS life that’s helping that entrepreneur and their leaders live their ideal life. And then the fifth piece of content is what I call the 10 disciplines, the 10 disciplines are all about helping that entrepreneur really optimize their life by greatly increasing their energy, helping them make a bigger impact on the world and having more peace.

And so the quick point on those five pieces of content as I realized, I’ve been helping the entrepreneurs climb the mountain get to the top of the mountain ring the bell, only to find that they don’t have as much inner peace as they thought when they get to the top of the mountain. It wasn’t quite all they thought it would be. They get there and they say is this all there is. And so they’re still being a little empty and unfulfilled.

And this new book shine and the 10 disciplines are all about going inside and finding that inner peace, that fulfillment and again increasing energy and making a bigger impact.


Alan Olsen

I love that, especially sometimes as an entrepreneur there were all builders problem solvers in Gino you walk the walk, you talk the talk here, you’re you’re able to reach out in and help entrepreneurs get to the next level. Now, one thing that you you refer to and you discuss the idea that everyone is a ball of energy and how did you come to realize the importance of this energy in personal and professional success?


Gino Wickman

Yeah, that’s so great that you go there because you’re like going right to the epicenter of this content, you know, as I want to zoom out for one second and then We’ll zoom right back into that point. Because the first half of this book, I talked about three discoveries that I made. And to your point, we entrepreneurs, we are very unique beings, okay, the driven entrepreneurs on the earth, and we are the 4%. And so 96% of the world, though, get us we are the 4%.

And with that there are blessings and curses, that we are as driven entrepreneurs, the blessings are that we’re the creators of most things on this planet, we have incredible superhuman stamina, we’re the saviors that solve most big problems. On the other side, unfortunately, we do a lot of damage to ourselves emotionally, physically, mentally, as well as the relationships in our lives, we tend to and leave a black trail behind us.

And so the three discoveries is that first of all, I am driven is for the driven entrepreneur out there to understand you are driven and understand that blessing and that curse. Second discovery is to understand that all decisions are made out of either love or fear, fear and to know where your decisions are coming from, which is we’ll come back to that just a second. The third discovery is to understand that it is possible to be driven and have peace.

And so as these entrepreneurs are climbing them out or get to the top, showing them that they can have more peace, and actually even make more of a bigger impact and have more drive. With that said, in that second discovery, all decisions are made out of love or fear. We go to the root of in the source of what’s driving fear based decisions. And so now I’ll go right to your question, because when you talk about, we’re all balls of energy. You know, it’s something that I’ve been saying for years.

And it really culminated in the last couple of years, and then certainly in this new book shine. And it’s just the realization, and it’s scientific, we are pure energy, we human beings are pure energy, it’s scientifically proven, you can’t argue with it. And so when you understand that, we have what I call the souls of driven entrepreneurs, the 4%. And so it’s a very unique ball of energy.

It’s a very unique soul or a true self, as we call it in the book, and to understand that you are a ball of energy, and you’re very unique as a driven entrepreneur. It’s understanding how to manage that energy. And in that energy, we either shine very, very bright, or we don’t shine so bright. And when we’re not shining bright.

We just have blocks, we have pain, we have trauma, we have stories from the past, we’re telling ourselves, it’s all about going to your inner story and shedding that darn thing to free yourself up to shine even brighter as a ball of energy. Man, I hope that made sense. Because that was a long, contextual point.


Alan Olsen

So it absolutely did. But I’d like you to share a personal story on how implementing these practices has changed your your life or the life that some of that you’ve worked with?


Gino Wickman

I always like to use me as an example, you know. And so those five pieces of content that I shared, each one of those pieces of content is just simply me teaching what I needed most as a driven entrepreneur. And so I was that entrepreneur in the making it 18 years old, that was the mislabeled derelict. And so I wish I had that content. So I knew what I was because I really didn’t figure out what I fully was until age 29. Well, same thing with this content in shine.

What I realized for myself, is I was literally teaching entrepreneurs to do what I did, I climbed the mountain in this last 2530 years, I got to the top of the mountain, I rang the bell, and succeeded by what I call every outer world metric. I had the business, the money, the stuff, the accolades, the people, it’s been a pretty damn good outer world life, only to realize that my inner world was a little shaky, though. And I was not feeling as much peace and I was not feeling fulfilled.

And so I literally got to the top of the mountain, and when I got there, I was celebrating my success, only to describe it as an awakening. But it’s something just welled up in me and rushed up in me. And I was reminded of all of my trauma from the past, the pain, the stories, the illusions that I have created. And, and I just went on a journey in the last four years to just shed all of that to let it go.

And so is truly confronting some stuff that happened. Free age 15 that I had to really confront. Let go forgive others forgive myself. And once I shoved that, again, my energy increased to a whole nother level.


Alan Olsen

You know, I love that it’s as as we go through life, we don’t really control what we experience. Sometimes we go through things that no fault of her own or the circumstances were just dictating it, but nevertheless it become part of our life and learning to let go and move on is so important. Now, running back to shine, shine emphasize is a dual nature of being driven as both a blessing and a curse? How can someone recognize if they’re tipping too far into the curse side? And what steps should they take to rebalance? Yeah, I


Gino Wickman

really appreciate that question. So, you know, let’s start with the blessing. And, you know, the blessings are so apparent, you know, because they’re so outer world focused. And so we got to celebrate that. Because when I talk about the dark side, it tends to scare people demotivate people because it’s a scary place for people to go. But what this is all about is just understanding, it’s a discovery to say, okay, yeah, I’ve done all these great things as a driven entrepreneur, all these outer world things.

But I always describe it as below the surface or below the surface. And I always put my hands up, and I’m showing just below my chin, you know, I’m talking about my body below the surface. Unfortunately, the central nervous system is a little amped up. It’s a little tense, the tectonic plates are shifting. So unfortunately, below the surface, there’s some stuff that’s uneasy in there. And that is a sign of the pain and trauma from the past.

And what’s happening is our ego, just created a masterful structure to protect us from ever feeling that pain again, and when the egos running the show, unfortunately, we are just not the best version of ourselves, we’re not being our true selves with the people in our lives. And so we can be very short, we can do, like I said earlier, a lot of damage to the relationships that we have, we’re just very intense, and our ambition just gets us in trouble because we just steamroll people.

And we’re typically coming from fear, we’re coming from that painful place that we’re trying to hide from, again, that the ego is protecting us from. And so when it’s that fear based decision when it’s coming from that fear, unfortunately, we’re just not showing up as our true self. And unfortunately, we’re scaring people away, saying things we shouldn’t be saying, making really bad decisions that do more damage than good. And so it’s the idea is just to go inside and understand the root and the source of all of that.


Alan Olsen

Now, your book also explores the concept of decisions made out of love, or fear. Could you explain how one can start distinguishing between these two types of decisions in their daily life?


Gino Wickman

Yeah. And so this one really came clear to me, just in the last, probably three years. And the book takes you very deep into understanding the root of love based in fear based decisions. And so what I’m going to do is do my best job I can in about two minutes to explain this discovery, because it’s, I take you through a very deep dive with my co author, Rob Dubay, certainly. But the idea is to understand, first of all, it’s this awareness that all decisions are coming from either love or fear. So it starts with awareness.

So as Eckerd totally taught us with awareness comes transformation and freedom. And so it’s a matter of just starting to think about decisions you make, but you can include thoughts, feelings, and emotions or thoughts, feelings, emotions and decisions. And as they come up, where is it coming from? Is it love based? Or is it fear based.

So you start with that awareness, once you start to heighten your awareness, you will start to see that the fear based ones, you can literally chase down to the root that I was quickly talking about earlier. And where the root is, is it’s coming from that pain you’re hiding from from the past. Again, it’s that ego structure, it’s the armor suit you put on somewhere in your life. For me, it was age 15. It’s these protective layers that your ego created.

And so when you see that and understand that you will realize your true self is in there that that love based, heart based, body based true self is in there, and it makes 100% Love based decisions, but it just can’t because it’s in a prison.

And so once you understand that, you then kind of go down another level to understand that like we said earlier, we are pure energy and that energy can be blocked and when our egos in charge and the protective layer is in place, your your energy is blocked, you’re just not shining as bright as you can. And so the idea is to go to the root of where that pain is coming from. There are 1000 ways to do it.

But to then free it and when you free it you literally feel a lightness, and then you will start to see a shift in your decisions to more love based decisions. As you start to free your true self and start to shed that ego now you never fight the ego. You never try and kill the ego. You just form a nice relation shouldn’t shoot with the ego because it serves a purpose. Our minds are important. They’re great strategic thinkers, for us driven entrepreneurs, we just can’t let them run the whole system.

And for a lot of us, they’ve been running the system for the last 1020 30 years. And it’s time for our true self to come to the forefront. And with that awareness, all of a sudden, you’ll start to shift to more love based decisions, even a 10% shift to more love base from fear base is literally like a Richter scale, it will be a monumental improvement and change in your life.


Alan Olsen

Yeah, I love that in the book, you talk about the three discoveries to to free your true self as as a pivotal section. So what is the common barrier that you observed in people struggling to embrace their true selves?


Gino Wickman

Well, it’s I think it’s exactly what I just said there. And it’s that their ego is running the show. And they’ve created this masterful structure. So like, when I saw my ego, it happened for me three, four years ago, and I saw exactly how it operated. My ego has this masterful way of thinking 20 steps ahead, to never feel my pain, or trauma, or the stories I’ve created ever again. And so when you come at me with something, I could think literally 20 moves ahead, to head off anything that might hit my stuff.

And so again, it’s your true self is trapped in there behind that protective layer, when you can remove those layers, all of a sudden, your true self comes to the forefront. So it’s not as if you’re not wanting your true self to come forward, you’ve just created a machine, you’ve created a structure, you’ve created this suit of armor that has served you very well in the outer world, it’s just not serving you well in the inner world.

And so I always describe it as when we can pierce that shield and let a little light in or a little light out, you start to get your first tap on the shoulder that hey, there’s something in here that’s pretty powerful in 10 times more powerful than how I’ve been operating up to this point.


Alan Olsen

You know, Gino, you you’ve articulated this process. So well. I want to elaborate a little bit more on the the concept of blocked energy. Yeah. Um, and as you move Oh, staffing, could you offer a practical tip for someone looking to start a process of blocking their energy?


Gino Wickman

Absolutely. So let’s first go back to the source of blocked energy, okay. And so for all of us, some have had a small amount of pain and trauma in our lives, and some have had a lot of pain and trauma in our lives. And this is not a contest, it just it is what it is your story is your story. And this is not about having a pity party or looking for sympathy. This is not wound ology, but it’s going back and confronting the source of the pain and the trauma or the conditioning, or the story or the illusion you created from the past.

And so one example for me is I move nine times, by the time I was 10 years old, I used to always wear that as a badge of honor. But when I chased back to the root of some things that I dealt with, in the last 30 years, I realized how unsettled I always felt being a different school every year, a different set of friends. And so there was just always this unsettled, unsafe feeling that I had that was with me.

Whereas other forms of trauma iPad, I was bullied, I was a tiny, highly sensitive, tiny, creative kid, and I was bullied all the way up to 14 years old. And so I’ve always felt unsafe, and I can see a bully coming from a mile away. Now, with that, again, at 15 years old, I created a suit of armor to protect myself, I figured out how to create this tough guy, hard working image to protect myself from ever feeling that pain that I felt. And so it’s all about confronting it.

The three greatest ways I was able to confront the stuff from the past, because for everyone, it’s different. I always say there’s 1000 ways to shed a layer. But when I go back to realize, hey, I’m feeling unsafe, and my ego keeps protecting myself. So I’m not fully being me in the world. I’ve got to go to that thing and let that thing go. There’s a great book called Untethered Soul by Michael singer. He describes it masterfully.

And what he describes is when you go and address it, it’s going to come up with as much pain as it got pushed down. So what happens is we fear that pain. So for me, two books I read that were very profound for me I already mentioned one of them Untethered Soul, the other one is letting go my Michael singer. The second thing that was very profound for For me, was therapy, I tried therapy in my 20s.

I tried it in my 40s, when I tried to get in my 50s and was ready to be fully honest with myself, it was very, very profound, which was able to go to the roots of those things and free those things. And then the third is meditation, meditation has been very profound for me, in what happens in meditation, is when we are still the stuff comes up, okay. And so that’s scary.

For some people, when you have something in there below the tectonic plates in the surface, it will come up in silence, silence is powerful stillness is powerful. And so now I’m able to just process those things, let them come up. And I don’t always need to know what it is. But it comes up, it feels unpleasant.

And again, those two books will show you how to process these things if you want to do the home study course, but you just literally release them. And when they release, it’s followed by bliss, peace, elation, because you just shove another layer, you just removed another block, and you just shine a little bit brighter. Hopefully that makes sense.


Alan Olsen

It does. And you one thing I appreciate you, you know is you, as you walk the walk, and you talk the talk, and we walk to this, you know, one thing that the takeaway I see here is that, you know, a lot of times the individual will have a large ego, because it will be blocking their, the the side of them that is really hurting.

And so being able to have that inner peace will open themselves in that maybe they’re more vulnerable for the process of doing it. But then they’re becoming their true selves so that they can then respond with greater inner peace. And I love the way that you put this together, I’m going to move into another topic here. Okay, so it’s among the 10 disciplines to maximize your impact in inner peace, which do you find the most, that most people struggle with and why


Gino Wickman

you bat? Let me zoom out again, and create little context, because now we’re into the second half of the book. So the first half of the book was what we talked about those three discoveries to free your true self. And what those three discoveries are, is they are the what what I’m doing there, what we’re doing in this book is showing you what’s possible, what peace can look like, how you can greatly increase your impact on the world, so that you can see it.

In the second half of the book, we then teach you 10 disciplines to maximize your Energy Impact and inner peace. And so they are the how this is the how you do it. Because what to do this work, you must have a framework, a platform that creates time and space in your life to do this work. And so with that, there are 10 disciplines we teach to do that. I always love to just quickly give a high level overview just so your audience knows what they are, and then I’ll answer your question.

So very quickly, the 10 disciplines are number 110, you’re thinking number two, take time off. Number three, know thyself, number four, be still number five, know your 100%, which is your work container. Number six, say no, dot, dot dot often. Number seven, don’t do $25 An hour work. If you want to make six figures. Number eight, prepare every night. Number nine, put everything in one place. And number 10.

Be humble. And so when you ask, you know which one do people struggle with the most, you know, I quickly want to say all of them, but from a standpoint of when we think about all of our clients that go through our group coachings. And our mastermind, if I roll them all together, it’s really interesting, because there’s never this one that they all struggle with. It’s different for everybody.

So it can be as simple as the person that struggles with 10 year thinking, because for some reason, the neurons in their brain just won’t click, I have a small percentage of my clients, they just can’t get their brains to do that. And so we got to build a whole new neuron, we got a whole new set of neurons, a whole new muscle there. And then we have some things as simple as people struggle with saying no, I mean, they literally just cannot say no, and it’s so powerfully simple.

Because once you have the first five disciplines in your life, saying no becomes very easy. But for people a lot of times it goes back to past pain and trauma and conditioning and what we were taught, they just feel like saying no is somehow wrong or bad because they feel this uneasiness in their body of saying no. And again, we help them build that muscle. So I want to say all of them, but what I would ask you is you know, you know your audience better than I know your audience.

And so I always love it when you just kind of pick one or two that we could drill down on that you think most might most resonate with your audience or be most impactful.


Alan Olsen

You know, what I what I think of in in the the entrepreneurship The visionaries is, is a soft and long term Miss thought about connecting the dots there, they’re trying to solve a problem. And I always use the analogy of, you know, you’re going down a freeway that a long straight road, you got to exit here exit there. So the the analogy there is an exit is connecting a dot and made it from point A to point B. Let’s keep going, Well, where does the road end?

And what are we trying to do so on the on the concept of waste you put in a long term thinking is that 10 years thinking 10 years thinking is very intriguing to me. Because in that process, you have to understand a larger vision. And you know that when you’re starting your journey, that there’s changes inevitable along the way. So let’s let’s go into sharing some examples of knowing how this long term perspective can change decision making in the short term


Gino Wickman

here, here, it would love it. So what I’ll do on this one is allow me a 92nd riff, okay to set the stage on this one. And then in the let’s dig as deep as you want to dig. But again, the discipline is called 10 year thinking, and with every discipline, there’s this bold statement that we make. And the idea behind the bold statement is that man, if you just gave us blind faith, and just did what we told you to do, you would get all the benefits of this discipline. Now most human beings are able to do that.

And they have to be convinced or sold or see it. But the bold statement is this, it is to shift your mind from short term thinking, to thinking in 10 year timeframes. If you would just do that you realize all the benefits, but continue on with this riff, the idea I learned at age 35. Up until then, I was like everyone else I wanted everything now.

Now. Now. Now. Now. Now. Now, I couldn’t think past you know, next week next year, I just always felt like I was running out of time all through my 20s through my early 30s.

Well, when you shift your mindset to this kind of thinking, tide literally slows down. There’s a peace that comes over you, you make better decisions, and you will literally get there faster. And so a fun little quick exercise we have everyone do is and we can do this with your audience right now. But it’s quickly think about the date 10 years from now and write that date down. And so whatever that is, write that date. Next to that write your age.

And so what is your age at that point in time, and now sit there and just picture yourself 10 years from now on that date on that at that age, and what is the number one goal write down the number one goal at that point of your life, what that will do is start to get the neurons firing. And in the last part of this little rep is a great quote that says, We human beings, we overestimate what we can get done in a year.

But we underestimate what we can get done in 10 years, it is amazing what we can accomplish in 10 years.

10 years is a lifetime in most cases. And so again, that point I made about in my 20s and early 30s. That’s how most people live their lives. They feel like they’re running out of time, they feel like they gotta have everything now. Well, how ironic is I mean, I was literally 25 Feeling that urgency when tenure thinking if you look at it that way, I at 25. On the good side, I had at least seven good decades left, I had seven good tenure timeframes, I mean a man, you could build an empire in that timeframe.

And even if you’re out there, and you’re 65 years old, you’ve got at least a good decade left. So you can pretty much accomplish anything in 10 years. And then the the motivational speaker Les Brown says, All I need is a good decade. And so we just need a good decade. And so very, very powerful when you can shift that mindset. hope that made sense.


Alan Olsen

You know, it’s interesting. And I think that early on in our careers, we have certain goals, they may be financially related. But I remember reflecting back on this, on this area that you know, I had early goals financially related, and then I reached the goals. I’m like, now what is my life over? You know, what do you do? And I think that one of the things that you’re outlining here, in a value system of knowing yourself, when you get to know who you truly are, it’s not about money.

It’s about who you are, and who you know, what is conveyed to those around you. It’s easier said than done, right? What are some practical first steps someone can take to begin this journey of self discovery? Great. And


Gino Wickman

I’m gonna as I’m about to answer that, I want to back up one step because I want to share one more thing to really answer your question point blank with the 10 year thinking and how it affects decision making because let’s pretend you wrote that goal.

10 years from now, and hypothetically, let’s pretend it was a certain net worth, or let’s pretend it was an important relationship in your life that you want it to be great, or it might be some kind of physical, you know, being in good shape, whatever that is, well, when that’s clear, and you know what you want it to look like 10 years from now, it drives today’s decisions, because if it is a net worth number, there’s things you need to be doing today, to hit the net worth number, it drives the relationship activities.

Because if you want a great relationship with that person, 10 years from now, that thing you are about to say today, if it’s not healthy for the relationship, don’t say it. So again, it’s driving today’s decisions. And if it again, has something to do with health, then you need to be doing things today, if you want to be that healthy.

And then to your last point there, you know, my hopes, is that everyone will set a goal for themselves to fully be their true selves 10 years from now, because I believe it’s possible to free your true self within 10 years. It’s hard to do in a couple of days, hard to do in a couple of years. But I believe it’s possible. And so with that, that takes us to the question that you just asked, and would you mind re asking it just so I heard it correctly, it


Alan Olsen

has to do it knowing knowing yourself, okay, so in the process that a person can take with understanding their journey of self self discovery


Gino Wickman

awesome. And so what you’re keying into there or addressing is discipline number three, know thyself. And so the bold statement here, as I mentioned, is a bold statement for each one, it is to be your true self 100% of the time 24/7 365. And so knowing thyself, the only way to be yourself in the world, which is the goal is to know thyself. So it starts with that. And what happens is we begin at a very high kind of outer world level. And then we work all the way to the inner world and free our true selves.

This is the one where the magic happens. But in the external stuff, it starts with understanding your strengths, and your weaknesses, understanding personality traits, and characteristics, understanding what you’re good at and what you’re bad at. And as we go deeper, then we start to get into what’s going on below the surface, are those tectonic plates, shifting what’s going on with your central nervous system, and going in and starting to shed those things so that you can fully be yourself in the world.

And so the example I always like to share here is I had a big aha when I turned 30 years old. And this is where I learned that I wasn’t being myself fully in the world. And so my wife had thrown me a surprise birthday party for my 30th birthday. I walk into the house, and I hear 100 sets of eyeballs yells surprise. And as I looked around the room, I realized there were six factions in that room, six factions in my life.

There were my business partners, my employees, my family, my wife’s family, my high school friends and my new friends. And so literally six different factions. And what I realized is I was a completely different person with each one of those factions, I realized I was being a chameleon in my life. And it was exhausting. And it was that moment that I said, as I go forward. Now, I’m going to be me now that took a work. It’s not like the next day.

But since that day, I’ve made incremental steps to just fully being me in the world is too exhausting. Trying to create all of those personas and facades in every area of your life just fully be you. And when you do, your energy will soar.


Alan Olsen

In one of his movies, Bill Murray refers to baby steps, right? He’s, he’s trying to cope. He’s trying to understand how to get through his life. And so this small compartmentalised steps went after Yeah, I think in today’s day and age, so much anxiety, people are overwhelmed. They’re so you know, hey, that’s great that, you know, I want to be somebody but right now. I’m trying to get through this, okay. A person is overwhelmed by their current responsibility. That is the sage advice for them. Yeah. Well,


Gino Wickman

I was. I have two thoughts there. Okay. The first one that comes to mind is is not something that’s in the book, but what I always do when I’m sitting with someone who’s overwhelmed. Is, is I live my life from a legal pad. Okay, so ever. People laugh at my legal pad, but that’s how I organize myself.

It’s been very powerful and profound for me, but my point is when I’m sitting with that, oh, overwhelmed person, I hand them my legal pad. And we pause and I say write down every single thing that is overwhelming you right now. And they will sit there. And they will write, sometimes they’re writing for three minutes. Sometimes they’re writing for 30 minutes.

But whatever it takes, I have them write everything down, and then review everything on the list. And I cannot tell you how many times I want to see in almost every case, they’re overwhelmed subsides because they’re just trying to keep it all in their head. So that’s the first thing I suggest. To solve the short term problem. The other thing I would suggest, is stillness. And so again, that’s one of the disciplines we teach is be still there are four forms of stillness that we teach.

There’s contemplation, meditation, prayer, and journaling. And so that’s that form of writing that I just talked about. But when you are feeling overwhelmed, just take time to be still, we urge 30 minutes a day. But even if you did, 10 minutes a day, you will see benefit. Even if you did three to five times a week, you will see benefit, but spend time in stillness, all of the answers are inside of you. There’s no place you need to go outside of you to find the answers.

And so you will start to get clarity around what’s overwhelming you what the solutions are, and stuff will come up and you may shed a layer two.


Alan Olsen

I’m visiting here today with Gino Wickman, we’re talking about his new book shine is in focus of next phases of contact, that maximize the impact and inner peace for entrepreneurs and energy. And I got one final question here. Okay. The content that we went through today is phenomenal. And thank you for your contribution to the entrepreneurial world of helping to lift and build into the lives of others.

What would you say is the first most accessible step for anyone reading shine to start making a positive change in their life, and career?


Gino Wickman

Perfect? Well, I’m gonna give you two thoughts, you know, one is, I strongly urge you to go to our website, the 10 and take the true self assessment, it’s free. And it will be a starting point for you to see and show you how free your true self is right now at this moment. And if you are interested, after you get your results, you can do a free coaching session with my partner, Rob Dubay. And it’s all free.

So I would urge that as a first step, the other first step, which is also free, as you can download the first I think it’s the first 27 pages of the book. But the first part of the book, if you want to whet your whistle and get a taste of this content, understand it, download the book.

And if those two things kind of pull you into doing deeper work for now phenomenal, get the book, get in our group coaching, do the self study whatever works for you, but start with those first two free steps because that assessment is going to get your gears turning. You’re going to see where maybe you scored low lower and it’s going to create some real wonderful aha moments for you.


Alan Olsen

Absolutely love this with Gino, I appreciate you being with us today here on American Dreams.


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    Gino Wickman on Alan Olsen's American Dreams Radio
    Gino Wickman

    An entrepreneur since the age of 21, Gino has had an obsession for learning what makes businesses and entrepreneurs thrive.

    At 25 he took over the family business, which was deeply in debt and in need of help. After turning the company around and running it for seven years, he and his partners successfully sold the company.

    Gino then set out to help entrepreneurs and leaders get what they want from their businesses and lives. Based on his years of real-world experience, he created the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), a practical method for helping companies achieve greatness. He has personally delivered more than 2,000 full-day sessions for

    more than 135 companies, helping them implement EOS. He is also the author of the award-winning, best-selling book Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business, which has sold over 1 million copies, as well as five other books in the Traction Library that have sold over 2 million copies.

    Gino is the founder of EOS Worldwide, an organization that helps tens of thousands of businesses implement EOS with the aid of an international team of over 700 professional and certified EOS Implementers and online support. There are over 200,000 companies using the EOS tools worldwide. Gino has helped hundreds of thousands master their outer world.

    In Shine, Gino shares his 10 Disciplines for Maximizing Your Impact and Inner Peace. Gino has been practicing these disciplines for almost 20 years with great success and is excited to share them with you. Once implemented, they help a driven entrepreneur create a foundation and platform that creates space in their life to begin to go inside and master their inner world, which is where true entrepreneurial freedom exists.

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