Why Are the Ultra-Wealthy So Good at Avoiding Taxes?

While many in the media, as well many lawmakers on the left, would have you believe that the nation’s wealthiest individuals are really good at skipping out on their taxes and that they don’t pay their fair share, the fact is, in most cases, that’s not true. Yes, it is true that many of he richest people in America pay fewer taxes than most of their employees. However, they use perfectly legal means to accomplish that.

So to be clear, while the rich might pay less than some people think is fair, that does not mean they cheat on their taxes. In fact, the rich manage to achieve this feat simply by doing one of two things. They either know how to manage their money and finances very well, or they hire someone to do it for them. Tax planning is an art, and when done right the nation’s wealthiest individuals avoid paying more than they legally have to.

Again, they are not cheating they are just being smart. There are several methods the rich, and their tax planners, use to keep their tax bills down. Whether it’s through prudently managing capital gains, modifying your income, using proper borrowing strategies or through tax deferral, all these measures are legal and will keep your tax bill down.

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