“My Path” is about Alan Olsen’s personal life experiences and his reflections from his highly rated Silicon Valley radio show and podcast, “American Dreams”. He discusses the people he interviewed, and the common values they all shared to create their own American Dream.

Written by Alan Olsen

Co-Written by Andrew Olsen




Learn how these entrepreneurs found success in business and life, with Host, Alan Olsen CPA, MBA.

In his weekly show, Alan Olsen invites successful individuals to discuss their career path and share how they were able to find success. These guests share valuable life experiences we all can be inspired from.

Meet Some of Our Guests

Majority Governor NBA Golden State Warriors and VC
Actor, Comedian, SNL Alumni, and former US Marine
Co-Founder & CEO Ascend and father of modern internet
Past CEO & President of MSG, NY Knicks & Utah Jazz
Co-Founder Logitech – CEO, Noventi Ventures
Co-Founder, Interwest Partners – President SHV NA – SIEPR
MPA, past President AAW, syndicated columnist, and Speaker
CEO, Dryers Ice Cream-- Chairman of Safeway inc.
CEO of Ryzeo
Co-Founder LinkedIn
Chairman of the Board at Chatham Created Gems & Diamonds, Inc.
Co-Founder DCM – past Chairman NVCA – SIEPR & Hoover boards
Co-Founder General Resonance – past Dir. BCG – SVU President
CEO Co-Founder LuLaRoe – Speaker -
CEO & Chief Strategist, Quill Intelligence
NBA record holder, past All-Star & DPY – Founder – Author
Movie Producer, Castlerock/Columbia Pictures, Universal Studio
President TiE – General Partner Monta Vista Capital – VC
Managing Dir. Billionaire Foundation – Co-Founder SCCI - VC
Founder DFJ – Founder BizWorld - #52 top 100 Harvard Alumni

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Key's to Life's Success

The American Dreams show was the brainchild of Alan Olsen, CPA, MBA. It was originally created to fill a specific need; often inexperienced entrepreneurs lacked basic information about raising capital and how to successfully start a business. Alan sincerely wanted to respond to the many requests from aspiring entrepreneurs asking for the information and introductions they needed. But he had to find a way to help in which his venture capital clients and friends would not mind. The American Dreams show became the solution, first as a radio show and now with YouTube videos as well. Always respectful of interview guest’s time, he’s able to give access to individuals information and inspiration previously inaccessible to the first-time entrepreneurs who need it most. They can listen to venture capitalists and successful business people explain first-hand, how they got to where they are, how to start a company, how to overcome challenges, how they see the future evolving, opportunities, work-life balance and so much more..

Topics from guest have included:

Creating purpose in life

Building a foundation for their life

Solving problems

Finding fulfillment through philanthropy and service

Becoming self-reliant

Enhancing effective leadership

Balancing family and work

American Dreams discusses many topics from some of the world's most successful individuals about their secrets to life's success.

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